Food & Drink Awards 2020

Page 56 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards Situated on Potters Lane in Birmingham, Adian’s Dining is an à la carte fine dining restaurant that uses high quality, fresh and authentic ingredients to produce and execute exquisite Caribbean dishes and drinks. Having developed their technical culinary skills and passion for hospitality and food service in some of the UK’s most prestigious companies, Adian and his colleague, Eloise, decided to strike out on their own and open their own restaurant. The result was Adian’s Dining, a culmination of delicious, innovative cuisines and inspired by their own Caribbean heritages. Adian and his team therefore invest time and effort into carefully curating food and drinks menus that deliver new and exciting flavours to their guests, incorporating a wonderful amalgamation if the colours, flavours and creativity of Caribbean fusion. Always researching and discovering new tastes, innovative cooking methods or exciting recipes, Adian decided from day one that his restaurant would be unlike any other on the market. It is fusion of the most exceptional standard, which creates a dining experience unlike any other thanks to the superb quality of food that is beautifully presented and professionally served. This same ingenuity is applied to the Adian’s drinks menu, which consists of a comprehensive selection of beverages, Adian’s Dining is an à la carte restaurant situated in Birmingham that boasts the best Caribbean fusion cuisine in the West Midlands and even, according to many, the UK. Focusing on quality, fresh food, served with professional and friendly service, Adian and the team welcome guests of all ages to sample a taste of flavourful and colourful fusion of Caribbean culture. We decided to find out a little more about how Adian’s Dining has successfully injected some Caribbean vitality into the heart of the West Midlands. Sep20679 Adian’s Dining Most Unique Caribbean Restaurant - West Midlands including the restaurant’s own signature cocktails. The results of bold invention and experimentation, Adian’s cocktails are each a twist on classic cocktails which encapsulate the restaurant’s traditional flair for fusion. To really give guests a taste of the Caribbean, Adian’s also supplies a growing selection of rums, a bestseller in Caribbean culture and a favourite of the minds behind Adian’s. These rums not only give Adian and Eloise a tie to their Caribbean history but have also become a firm favourite of the restaurant’s guests. Whilst the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on business for Adian’s have unfortunately been inevitable and unavoidable, the team consider themselves very blessed to have done as well as they have, despite the circumstances. Business was closed for the first part of the lockdown but during this period, Adian’s moved to their new site and reopened in early August, delighted to see that their clientele were loyal as ever, and that they and the family and friends they had been recommending Adian’s to returned to the restaurant in droves. In order to maintain social distancing, seating capacity was decreased, but it was still a delight for the Adian’s team to see business flourishing. Whilst the food is understandably the leading factor in Adian’s success, customer service comes up behind it in a close second. The team behind the restaurant are more like family than colleagues, and Adian and Eloise seek passion, drive, experience, sincerity and humbleness from potential team members, who will also contribute to Adian’s vision of creating a positive and memorable experience for every guest. As a result of the willingness and enthusiasm felt by every member of the Adian’s family, guests regularly broadcast the excellent service they had, which made their dining experience second to none. Hospitality and dining are not easy sectors to work in, and the long hours and tests of resilience have only been compounded in recent months by the stresses of the pandemic. However, having recently moved into their new venue, the Adian’s team are feeling positive about the future. They have also begun selling their mouth-watering, homemade tomato and chilli jams and will soon be expanding their range to include even more flavours. As they push through the challenging period of Covid-19, Adian’s Dining continues to deliver a taste of Caribbean joy to the West Midlands. Company: Adian’s Dining Web Address: