Food & Drink Awards 2020

Page 58 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards Snax Emporium was launched by Moshi Kahtan in 2019 with the aim of bringing new, unusual, exotic and high-quality products from across the globe to the UK consumer. Working with a diverse selection of local, independent greengrocers, cafes and restaurants to medium sized retail chains like Londis and Budgens, as well as larger wholesale distributors and online retailers, Moshi has grown Snax at a rapid rate, even in the midst of the global pandemic. Indeed, their entry product into the UK market is Master Café, an iced coffee brand discovered by Moshi in Cyprus, which has taken off in the UK food and drinks industry and in less than six months, is now stocked in more than a thousand retailers across the UK. “For us it starts with the ingredients and ends with customer service. We are passionate about serving a natural product, which is why our Master Café iced coffees only contain a touch of natural cane sugar instead of the frequently used artificial sweeteners”, explains Moshi. Master Café uses a low dairy, high water combination, which is expertly blended to create a subtly creamy and thirst-quenching refreshment that enhances the delicious flavour of Arabica Launched in 2019, Snax Emporium is a new business bringing some of the best, most exotic and most unusual products from all over the world to the UK consumer. Master Café, the brand’s iced coffee range is Snax Emporium’s entry product into the UK market. In only six months, the tastier, higher quality coffee treat is disrupting the UK food and drinks industry and is now stocked in more than a thousand shops across the country. We spoke to Founder and Director, Moshi Kahtan, to find out more. Oct20209 Snax Emporium, Master Café Best Iced Coffee Supplier 2020 - London coffee beans, and stands out from the high- calorie, sickly sweet iced coffees that currently dominate the UK market. In addition, although used in smaller amounts, the dairy that is used in Master Café products is verified to be of the highest standard in quality and sustainability, sourced from Fonterra farms which are committed to sustainable practices on a global scale. Even the can itself is designed to be different, specifically crafted in a sleek, ergonomic shape that makes Master Café distinct on the shelf. “Apart from our aim to bring high-quality, unique or unusual products to consumers in the UK,” Moshi says, “we hope that our attitude to customer service also makes us stand out amongst the crowd.” Whether selling to a small independent store or large national distributors, Snax is committed to delivering excellent iced coffee with a lasting impression of great satisfaction on every one of their clients. In a saturated and sophisticated food and drinks market like the UK, excellence in customer service is not just beneficial, it is vital. In order to stay ahead of the savvy consumers and fast- paced innovation that populates the market, Snax keeps a constant eye on new trends, listening and acting fast on customer and consumer feedback and implementing this into the pursuit of their product and business goals. Having begun operation in early 2020, Snax has made an unusual entry into the market, faced with more challenges than most. Master Café was released onto the market only four days before the first national lockdown and a lot of sectors that Snax was looking to explore and marketing experiences they wanted to carry out have had to be put on hold or transferred to virtual platforms. Whilst this has posed problems for building vital, personal relationships with clients and consumers, Snax has still seen excellent online sales and carved out their niche in the market, thanks to effective social marketing. It has required resilience and hard work from the Snax team, but overall, the environment at the company also fosters fun and collaboration. A strong and dynamic team, every member pulls together their expertise and insights of business and their industry to create a culture of teamwork, something that has been vital in this exciting yet often challenging period. Fresh from the success of Master Café, Snax will continue to use their effective and exciting social marketing campaigns for the launch of some new products soon. Whilst they have not yet been revealed to the general public, Moshi and his team are excited about the various product plans and ideas they have in the works, including the expansion of the Master Café range. Contact: Moshi Kahtan, Founder & Director Company: Snax Emporium, Master Café Web Address: