Food & Drink Awards 2020 Page 59 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards HIKA is a recently created winery, delicately blending together passion with enthusiasm and pouring it into the production of an exclusive, modern and elegant txakoli, all of which is made to be paired with good company. Within such a short span of time, HIKA has created divine wines which have been consumed and praised by many. We took a closer look at the winery to discover how they have established a name for themselves as the Wine Producers of the Year in Basque County. HIKA Txakolindegia S.L. Wine Producers of the Year - Basque County Sep20842 Created to be place where guests can forget their worries and enjoy the moment, HIKA boasts a modern design with a careful aesthetic that has been delicately integrated into the landscape. The award-winning winery is also energy efficient and equipped with the best equipment, such as the Bucher Inertys press and the Oresteo system, in order to produce such high quality wines. Surrounded by some of the most spectacular landscapes of Guipúzcoa as well as a modern design building and such beautiful vineyards, HIKA is a private and exclusive property that exudes luxury. However, it is not just the delicious wines or striking views that makes HIKA such a popular destination. Just twenty minutes from the city center of Donostia-San Sebastián and fifteen minutes from Tolosa, the winery is also a comfortable destination for people to travel to because of how easily accessible it is from the main roads. Home to large gardens perfect for cocktails, lunches or parties, HIKA has an extensive private parking area available for events taking place at the establishment. It truly has everything you could possibly need, regardless of the occasion. From the second you step foot on the property, HIKA wraps you up in a unique, warm and welcoming atmosphere. As for the hosts, the winery works tirelessly to make them feel like the event is one of the most special days for both their lives and their guests. As for the heavenly wines HIKA crafts, the winery works in an integrated manner, avoiding the use of herbicides and respecting the environment. For example, HIKA produce its wines with lower CO2 content thanks to the Oresteo system is operates. The innovative patented system for the management of residual C02 obtained by the fermentation processes in the wine industry, allows for improvement in the processes in all of its elaboration stages with a great energy saving. Due to this innovative process, the winery have created a txakoli that, in addition to its freshness, is characterized by its volume and smoothness, allowing it to age for a long time in the bottle, the personality of HIKA TXAKOLINA. Showing no signs of slowing down, HIKA is wine is becoming incredibly famous and it is already available in some high-level gastronomy restaurants. Here at LUXlife, we are simply mesmerised by HIKA’s accomplishments in the space of four year, which is why they were righteously awarded the accolade Wine Producers of the Year for Basque County in the Food and Drink Awards 2020. For now, we raise a glass to this extraordinary winery as they continue to dominate the industry, one bottle at a time. Company: HIKA Txakolindegia S.L. Web Address: