Food & Drink Awards 2020

Page 60 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards The journey of DOSTERRAS started all the way back in 2012, when a young wine enthusiast called Fernando Grajales took a trip to the priorat where he fell madly and truly in love with vineyards and the wines that welcomed him upon his arrival. It was during this memorable trip when he realised what his passion was and what he wanted to accomplish. It was to start his own winery in the striking area and producing his own blend of delicious wines. Fast-forward a year later, and Fernando had purchased a hectare of old grenache vineyard to elaborate his flagship wine DOSTERRAS, alongside head winemaker Noemí Javierre. The young winery combined with a young couple leading the way, created exceptional wines which were, and still are, enjoyed and celebrated by many. Since the very beginning, Fernando and Noemí have been focused on the quality of old vineyards as well as respecting the terroir and an immaculate viticulture make of the iconic DOSTERRAS limited production wines a unique and exciting experience. For Fernando and Noemí, they are firm believes in taking what nature gives them Located in the priorat region undécimo the Montsant Appellation, lies the home of the award-winning, family owned winery, DOSTERRAS. For years, the winery has been building up a reputation within the area for being the producers of sensational red wine. After hearing so much about how this exceptional winery has been creating such heavenly blends for almost a decade, we decided to take a closer look at DOSTERRAS to discover more about how they have earned an enviable reputation for being one of the best premium boutique red wine wineries in Catalonia. Sep20639 DOSTERRAS Best Premium Boutique Red Wine Winery - Catalonia and transforming it into something that is simply wonderful. It is this carefully crafted combination of curiosity and appreciation for the terroir that make the wines of DOSTERRAS a revelation. In a nutshell, DOSTERRAS is a celebration of the simplest pleasures that life provides, and turning them into memories which will last forever. Ultimately, it is a vineyard that harvests emotions and turns them into wonderful moments to be shared, and of course heavenly wines to be consumed. Looking ahead to what the future holds for this award-winning winery, both Fernando and Noemí will continue to create the beautiful blended wine which has seen them so far have eight years of service, providing unforgettable memories for many and most of all, earning them the title as the Best Premium Boutique Red Wine Winery – Catalonia. Contact: Fernando Grajales Company: DOSTERRAS Web Address: