Food & Drink Awards 2020 Page 61 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards Recognised as a mindful drinking company, ISH Spirits produces a delicious selection of alcohol-free options for the health consumer who enjoys a drink, but would prefer to skip the alcohol occasionally. Following their recent success in LUXlife’s Food and Drink Awards 2020, we profiled ISH Spirits to discover more about their award-winning range and how they established a reputation for producing some of the best alcohol free spirit products available on the market today. ISH Spirits Best Alcohol Free Spirit Product 2020 Sep20980 Established following founder’s, Morten Sorensen, completion of the 100-day alcohol- free challenge, ISH Spirits was created to provide more options for those who want the familiar cocktail experience, but without the alcohol. Today, ISH Spirits collaborates with some of the world’s best flavourists to create their signature drinks, and have even recently received a substantial grant from the Danish government solely for R&D purposes. In each product the company produces, they always use nature to promise the familiar flavours we know from conventional spirits, yet without the compromise of ethanol. Whilst many do opt for an alcoholic beverage, whether out at a bar or at home, according to IWSR, 40% of the global population has expressed a desire to lower their alcohol intake. The alcohol-free sector is growing and ISH Spirits is fortunate to be one of the first movers in this expanding category. During the global Covid-19 pandemic, the company have been fortunate enough to experience growth and expect to close the year 300% higher compared to last year. An incredible accomplish, especially during these unprecedented times we find ourselves in. Working behind the scenes to create these tantalising beverages, is ISH Spirits powerful team of passionate people. Each and every single member of the team are pioneers, blending together their creative ideas to produce an array of exciting drinks. As the business grows with the surging demand for non-alcoholic options, Morten notes that the qualities they look for in individuals are those who have a strong independent mindset, as he reveals. “Nothing is linear as we grow our business and we welcome those who understand how to thrive in such conditions.” Ultimately, it is all about quality for ISH Spirits and ensuring that both their products and their services are an excellent quality. As such, the business is all about educating their consumers as they put their products on the shelves. ISH Spirits always aims to create the best products possible. As one of the first movers in their industry, the company considers it their responsibility to raise the bar. Which is why, they warmly welcome colleagues and love to collaborate to create unique and tasty ideas. They are building a category, and they do that best when they join forces and do it together. It is no secret that to succeed within this dynamic industry, the quality of the product must be high to remain a serious player in this category. As ISH Spirits plans for the future, Morten and his team will continue to expand their business and reach new markets in the years to come. With a number of exciting and delicious product developments already brewing, ISH Spirits is excited to share with the world their new range of beverages. For now, LUXlife will raise a glass to the phenomenal success this award-winning business has had so far, and we can not wait to see what other innovative drinks they whip up in the future. Contact: Morten Sorensen Company: ISH Spirits Web Address: