Food & Drink Awards 2020 Page 63 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards Coffee is a luxury for so many people, with the drink taking on so many flavours and distinct tastes that it can be customised and specialized in a myriad of wonderfully tasting ways. In the city of Randers, in mainland Denmark, there is an artisan roastery that deals exclusively in sustainable coffee that tastes absolutely superb. We profile this Danish firm to find out more about its secrets to sustainable success in quality coffee. FarmMountain Coffee Best Specialist Coffee Supplier - Denmark Sep20979 Grown and roasted by the staff at FarmMountain Coffee, the coffee roasted here is of the absolute highest quality. Coffee roasting is a handcraft and an art form that has evolved over time to also include familiar beverages such as iced coffee and iced tea. Naturally, both drinks are also handcrafted and brewed from all-natural and raw materials. What makes FarmMountain Coffee so different, outstanding, and luxurious, is the fact that the coffee beans that are used are carefully selected so that the buyer and the drinker gets only the best whole beans. Free from defects and free from insect attacks, these coffee beans are totally vegan-friendly coffee beans, and can be enjoyed by anyone in the world. However, the story of FarmMountain Coffee stretches way back to long before its present success. Over the past thirteen years, the team at FarmMountain Coffee have actively taken part in trying to reach the sustainable development goals that many businesses have taken on around the world. In 2007, FarmMountain Coffee launched multiple projects in Africa that included one where the firm was able to start closely co-operating with more than nine hundred farmer families on Mount Elgon in Uganda. Luxury coffee does not have to come at the expense of those who grow and make it. Arguably, they are the people who know these beans like nobody else, and partnering with them has allowed FarmMountain Coffee to deliver the most luxurious specialist and sustainable coffee imaginable. The vision of FarmMountain Coffee is all about helping farmer families improve their skills in growing and selling the coffee that they plant. In the entire project that was mentioned above, mutual respect has been an important aspect of the cooperation, and this respect has become one of the most noticeable aspects of all FarmMountain Coffee-related products. Those products can take many luxurious forms, all of which are available at the firm’s website for coffee-lovers to go and purchase for themselves. Whether a Deep Espresso hit is needed to bring the day to life, or a Dark Chocolate toasted pack of beans is the preferred luxury, there is always something for the discerning customers of FarmMountain Coffee to buy and taste. However, one of the most luxurious aspects to the service that is provided by FarmMountain Coffee is the people behind the beans. The excellent quality of all FarmMountain Coffee products leaving the roastery is secured by the valued employees who recognize not only good coffee, but also good quality overall. The team is made up of social entrepreneurs, meaning everyone is part of a work environment that is inclusive and encouraging, even for vulnerable individuals who might otherwise struggle to handle a full working day. At the roastery, all employees are given a chance to develop and reach their full potential within the wonderful world of coffee roasting. FarmMountain Coffee contributes to making the world a better place to work, as well as a better place to drink coffee. Ultimately, FarmMountain Coffee understands what makes a good cup of coffee so beautiful; the beans. Everything is aimed at ensuring that the beans are the best they can possibly be, from treating the growers and farmers with quality and respect, to handcrafting and taking care of the beans themselves, to giving the customer a seamless and easy purchasing process. This is coffee done right, and each sip is just as luxurious as the last, secure in the knowledge that this coffee has well and truly been handled with the greatest care and respect. Brand: FarmMountain, Produced by Danish Coffee. Contact: Lars Bendix Website: