Food & Drink Awards 2020 Page 75 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards Nai Arabia was founded with a mission to create a modern, transparent, and ethical brand, but the promises of the firm go so much further with its pursuit of luxury Arabian snacks and beverages. It is a mission that seeks to respect and reflect the rich, cultural traditions of Arabian hospitality, generosity, and kindness. It is a mission to shed light on the Arabian journey of entrepreneurial spirit, recalling the ancestors that were amongst the world’s first original traders and entrepreneurs. However, it is also a mission to create and deliver one of the most luxurious brands of Arabian snack and beverages. To that end, the firm has achieved resounding levels of success with its latest line of iced tea products. Each of the products in the range are unique, natural, healthier than other alternatives in the industry, and perhaps most importantly, taste absolutely incredible. Nai Arabia’s products are proudly Arabian, celebrating flavours and paying tribute to popular recipes from the region’s rich culinary traditions that are steeped in flavours that stretch back through history. There are four key products that are offered by Nai Arabia, including a Hibiscus Flower Tea, a Jasmine White Tea, a Moroccan Mint Tea, and a Ginger Green Tea. Each one is infused with flavours and spices that bring a real heat and sense of the Arabian world to every sip, swallow, or gulp. For instance, the Hibiscus Flower Tea is an Egyptian Hibiscus Food has transformed throughout history, and wherever you go in the world, there is sure to be something that will tantalise the taste buds in wondrous ways. Bringing the flavours of the Arab World to people all over the planet is Nai Arabia, a truly authentic brand that stays true to the flavours of Arabia like no other. The firm delivers stunningly sumptuous snacks and beverages, and each one packs a punch of flavour that is impossible to deny. We discover these delicious flavours and products that are offered by Nai, and highlight the firm’s success. Sep20241 Nai Arabia Most Authentic Arabian Natural Snack & Beverage Brand 2020 flower tea that has been authentically brewed and naturally flavoured with pomegranate and just a touch of rose water. Every ingredient and flavour also serves a purpose, whether it be the replenishing and hydrating properties of the hibiscus, or the strengthening pomegranate, or relaxation afforded by the rose water. However, it is not just the flavours that are different in each tea themselves. They too serve a purpose that is different from one another. Jasmine White Tea is the lightest of the four teas, and serves an outstanding purpose, besides that of inspiring an Arabian moment in all those who are fortunate enough to savour it. White tea is good for the heart, whilst jasmine can ease joint pain and relieve stress. Nai Arabia’s Moroccan Mint Tea, however, is packed with green tea, lemon juice, spearmint, pear, and monk fruit flavours. Loaded with antioxidants, polyphenols, and nutrients, the green tea is complemented perfectly and in luxurious style with digestion-aiding spearmint and the metabolism-improving lemon juice. Finally, the Ginger Green Tea helps with digestion, combatting muscular pain, fighting common colds, promoting hydration, delivering vitamin C, and being super rich in antioxidants. All of the products from Nai Arabia celebrate a rich culinary culture whilst being super luxurious for the mind and body. Perhaps what is most appealing and luxurious about the products that Nai Arabia has to offer is the fact that they are made without any added sugars or preservatives. The firm’s method of sourcing quality ingredients, brewing, bottling, and packaging is what allows Nai Arabia’s products to have such a long shelf life whilst maintaining the same sense of luxury in every taste. All of the teas are made with the finest ingredients that can be sourced. They are brewed using real tea leaves, whereas most other iced tea brands use tea extracts and flavourings to provider consumers with a tea flavour. Nai Arabia is responsible for creating a much higher quality product that is authentic, and is full of totally natural and real fruit juices. Ultimately, the products delivered by Nai Arabia are the truest examples of snack and beverage luxury that you will find from the Arab world. The products themselves are proudly Arabian, and pay tribute to popular recipes from the rich culinary traditions of Arabian heritage. Nai Arabia is a brand that celebrates all things Arabian, both past and present. Its luxury has instilled pride in the region, whilst commemorating the vast array of inventions and innovations that ancestors and entrepreneurs can contributed to the modern world as it is today. Company: Nai Arabia Contact: Azza El-Farouki Website: