Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 12 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards V-Label allows companies in food, beverage, hospitality, textile, shoe, and other accessories industries to promote their products with safety and reliability. It is ultimately a distinguishing mark which confirms to consumers that a product is approved 100% suitable for vegetarians and vegans. For approval, a product has to be compliant to V-Label’s very strict criteria and only 100% vegetarian and vegan products can obtain it. If a product is compliant, V-Label will release a licence to the producer. It does not accept self-declaration – it wants to check and ensure the product is compliant to its standards. If anything isn’t 100% compliant or there are risk factors, the company will manage an inspection onsite by a third party qualified inspector. If a product isn’t compliant, V-Label will reject it even if it means a loss in terms of money – the company’s credibility is much more important than business. And should rejection occur, V-Label is happy to help the producer to make the product eligible – sometimes just a few changes in the production methods are enough. Helping manufacturers to reach their consumers by offering products that are compliant to V-Label’s standards is one the company’s missions. V-Label works with the aim to be trustable and reliable, with seriousness being its pride. Companies working with certifications must develop high standards and make sure the approved products actually adhere to the guidelines provided. For its companies, Sep21470 V-Label Italia Srl Recognised Leaders in Vegan & Vegetarian Certification 2021 The V-Label trademark was developed by the Italian Vegetarian Association in the 1970s and the design was first presented internationally at the first European Vegetarian Congress, held in Italy in 1985. The distinct leaf symbol has since been recognised as a trusted label, and it is respected worldwide. Today, V-Label is the most well-known vegetarian and vegan symbol globally.