Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 13 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards V-Label loves to provide extra services – For example, many companies are not always familiar with who its consumers are. That’s why it’s fundamental to guide them to learn how to promote themselves as well as know how to communicate correctly with vegetarian and vegan consumers. During the pandemic, V-Label was having to work even harder to guarantee the same high quality to both producers and consumers because of the restrictions that were in place. With the restrictions and an increasing number of requests for approval coming through as more manufacturers became more aware of what consumers want, V-Label did everything in its power to keep to its high standards, while respecting all the restrictions in place across countries. This couldn’t all happen without the dedication of V-Label’s staff, with their precision in work that requires a certain level of accuracy. Not only does V-Label look for precision in staff, but also curiosity, which leads people to investigate and want to know more about something – this is crucial in the field. In the V-Label team, there are experts about different topics and the company strongly encourages information sharing with there always being something new to examine and learn about. Additionally, V-Label promotes socialisation among staff members so as to work in harmony. In V-Label’s field, development and improvement is crucial. It is always working to remain up-to-date in terms of food industry and different consumer needs. The company has recently added a “raw vegan” category, as in many markets, this was a real need that it is now able to satisfy. Now a very international mark, V-Label is available in over 70 countries in the world and every year it is adding new sections of its website addressed to new nations, with the latest being the United Arab Emirates. Indeed, the company is on a mission to become much more international than it already currently is. It is a market leader, but to keep this position, it needs to continue working hard, offering more services and keeping its reputation high. Company: V-Label Italia Srl Contact: Sophia Somaschi Email: [email protected] Website: