Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 16 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Regarded as the best ethical coffee company of the year within the Nordic region, Danish Coffee Aps carefully selects its beans so that its customers only get the best; whole beans without any defects, free from insect attacks and is vegan friendly. Over the past 13 years, Danish Coffee has actively taken part in reaching sustainable development goals, starting in 2007 with the company launching multiple projects in Africa. CEO Lars Bendix explains, “We started a close cooperation with 932 farmer families on Mount Elgon in Uganda. Our vision is to help farmer families improve their skills in growing and selling the coffee they plant. In the entire project, mutual respect has been an important aspect of our cooperation, and we feel that this respect is noticeable in all Danish Coffee products.” Danish Coffee is proud to have invented ICEDespresso and has protected the name ICEDespresso together with the bottle’s design in the coffee category. Lars states, “We are the first in the world to produce this product and knowing that coffee is the next biggest commodity after oil, we stand out among this huge category.” The company can serve hand-brewed espresso already sweetened with its sirup - direct from a bottle. The only thing customers need is ice cubes and their favourite milk. “The HORECA segment has appreciated this concept as it is quick, it is less expensive than a traditional iced latte and most of all, it’s delicious,” states Lars. The excellent quality of all Danish Coffee products leaving its roastery is secured by its most valued employees who recognise Aug21099 Danish Coffee Aps Ethical Coffee Company of the Year 2021 - Nordic Region good coffee and good quality overall. “We are social entrepreneurs, which means that it is important for us to create a work environment that includes employees who are valued and respected so that they can work happily,” states Lars. Additionally, at its roastery, all employees are given a chance to develop and reach their full potential. Danish Coffee wants to contribute to making the world a better place; Lars explains, “It is in our DNA to make sure that employees, customers, and partners alike are happy with the products and services offered them by us.” Moreover, Danish Coffee has been breaking through the industry with its innovative, delicious, and sustainable products -being recognised several times for its efforts within the field. “In 2012, we won the CSR Global Partnership award, in 2018, the Paul Harris Fellow Rotary Award, and in 2019, we won the title ‘the CSR Company of the Year’ in Randers Municipality. We’re thrilled that we have added to this by winning the 2021 Food and Drink award- being named as the best ethical coffee company of the year. Currently, Its mission for 2022 is to finish its new facilities (Randers SDG Universe) in Randers Sporby and wants to inspire companies, start-ups, investors, and universities to visit Danish Coffee. “We want to give them an experience from our daily work in the coffee market, and in the same way help them to see how you can use the SDG goals in their own company.” The future is bright for the company; with its incredible product and ethos, Danish Coffee plans to grow with companies that support SDG goals and use the goals actively in their daily life and strategy. “Together with Red Cross in Kenya (Boma pan Africa), we are setting up a partnership. We are starting to produce ICEDespresso to the local Kenyan market at the beginning of 2022. Also, in Uganda, we are starting up a partnership with Great Lake Coffee with the same strategy as in Kenya. Finally, we start production in Nepal together with Alpine Coffee Estate in Katmandu.” Company Name: Danish Coffee Aps Contact Name: Lars Bendix Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] The heart of Danish Coffee Aps is at its artisan roastery within the city of Randers, located in mainland Denmark. Its coffee roasting is a handcraft that has also evolved to include ICEDespresso and ICEDtea. Both drinks are brewed from all-natural raw materials and are created from sustainable coffee grown by its farmers. Sep21698