Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 18 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Our passion for making something better every day, enjoying the journey, and creating raving fans made us wonder what else we could do with our shiny toys in one of Vietnam’s biggest independent breweries. We were sick of seeing plastic trash everywhere, so created beWater™, SE Asia’s first canned water with regional collection and recycling. And with so many succulent fruits here we launched Vietnam’s first real hard seltzer, Sundowners™. Totally low-cal, 100% organic, and GMO and gluten free. Stack that on top of our state-of-the art regional distribution platform that we’ve opened up to all craft beverages brands, food, apparel, and more, we’re creating a revolution. We believe in rethinking how we drink to empower the craft community, make sustainability sexy, seamless, and easy for everyone to enjoy. Oh, and shout out to LUXLife for awarding us Best Craft Beverage Company in Vietnam 2021. We love you guys! We define craft as a trifecta of creativity, community, and collaboration, which distils down to a perfect marriage of beverage and brand that creates a moment of lift off when Aug21158 Winking Seal Beer Co. Recrafting Craft Beverages. Best Craft Beverage Company - Vietnam atoms and art collide in a glass igniting a perfect storm. And that perfect storm creates positive change. From connecting brewers from Slovenia to Singapore to create Coffee Durian Saisons to innovation that brings together partners like the world’s biggest aluminum can company, Ball Corporation, with governments, NGOs, and end consumers to eliminate single-use plastics. The beverage eco-system we’ve built is a lean, mean, but sprawling machine that’s creating a paradigm shift in what craft is by asking the simple question, “How we make this better together?” And then bringing partners together to get it done. In Vietnam, in Singapore, in Hong Kong, in Taiwan, in Japan, in the Maldives. We are good, we’re working our asses off to do good, and we like us, our partners, and our fans looking good while doing it. We are comfortable getting uncomfortable and knowing that if we’re not continuously changing, evolving, and improving - we’re not fulfilling our potential and, man, there’s so much of that here. What’s next? We’ve already gone beyond beer, beyond beWater™, beyond… well, that’s for next year ;) Hit us up to find out more and get in on this journey. Company Name: Winking Seal Beer Co.™ Contact Name: Craig Haggart Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Named after our co-founder’s childhood teddy, a seal who lost an eye through years of love, Winking Seal Beer Co.™ began with a dare over drinks in Saigon in 2016. Half a decade in, we never imagined that our growing group of faux-boho, business savvy, craft beer lovers would deliver on that dare. And we didn’t stop there. Sep21548