Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 19 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards There is nothing more comforting than a good, hot, homecooked meal and even better – when it’s made by someone else. Acknowledged as the Best Traditional Irish Pub in North Carolina, Dugans Pub brings a little bit of Ireland to your plate, but with the same hospitality you’d expect from family. Dugans Pub Irish Comfort in North Carolina & Best Traditional Irish Pub - North Carolina Aug21193 Located in the heart of golf country, Pinehurst, NC, USA, Dugans Pub awaits, serving wonderfully authentic and traditional Irish Pub food along with the addition of some Americanised classics and incredible cocktails. Restored by the current proprietors, the pub is divided between two floors, with its traditional Irish pub and cuisine being on the top floor with another pub below. Renowned for being the Best Traditional Irish Pub in North Caroline, Dugans has one of the largest selections of import draft and single malt scotches in Pinehurst, as well as a complete wine list, extensive cocktail menu and service that is incomparable. The pub is cross between comforting, homecooked, authentic Irish and American cuisine with a fun and welcoming atmosphere that can only be described as delightfully family-like. Even without its incredible menu selection, Dugans offers Karaoke nights as well as live entertainment all through the weekend. Customers will line up for the food, enjoy a pint or two of their tastefully imported draft beers and stay for lively entertainment, an excellent way to kick off the weekend or unwind after a long day at work. Whilst food, fun, and smiles are at the top of Dugan’s business ethos, its participation in supporting the local community. Owner Alan Riley explains, “We have over 1,000 kids in a BackPack program, we support year long. This year we have also adopted the Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC, raising hundreds of pounds of food along the way. Additionally, we were fortunate enough to team up with ‘Feed the Fight’ this year, feeding frontline medical workers at our local hospitals and facilities.” The most traditional thing you can do as an Irish pub is to aid in the community’s welfare; after all, hospitality, community, and good food are the Irish’s entire essence – that and a great pint of Guinness. Dungan’s is located near the local village shops within Pinehurst, an optimal area for a post shop food break, a late-night cocktail or a mid-week brunch stop, with various stores, hotels and inns alongside it. Within its 23 years of operation, Dugans has won five National Neighborhood awards from the North Carolina Restaurant Association and American Express. In addition to the restaurant’s successful reputation, Alan has also won Humanitarian of the Year and Pinehurst Citizen of the Year. The last 18 months have been tremendously difficult for many businesses, especially within the hospitality sector with the constant fluctuation of opening and closing; Dugans has been positive throughout. Initially, the pub turned into a pickup/delivery service during the beginning of the pandemic, like many restaurants chose to do and ended up seeing a rise to 75% capacity recently as restrictions have slowly been lifted. Thankfully, Alan and his team have managed to keep up with demand and whilst there have been some food item shortages across the industry, he keeps a positive heart towards the situation. He continues to encourage a sense of community – inside and outside the pub business. “We believe in family, with members having been here between ten years and as long as 23. So we try to recruit dedicated, service-oriented individuals that know how to take care of our guests, just as you would family,” states Alan, as family, friendship, and community are an integral part of the Irish and American culture. Company Name: Dugans Pub Contact Name: Alan Riley Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Sep21524