Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 20 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Nigel Ludlow, the founder of Evoi Wines, had been in the winery industry for over 15 years before establishing his own company in 2007. After working for other companies, Nigel took a leap of faith. Instead, he splashed into a red, white, and rosé ream that has given him recognition within the industry as the Most Passionate Winery in Australia. Once the idea of starting his winery was planted, It was only a matter of time before his success came barrelling in. “I decided I wanted to do things my way and let my true passion for making wine express itself,” states Nigel. Making wine is considered an art form, but it also takes incredible patience, technique, and skill. That’s why Evoi wines have been so globally recognised, as it’s not just the passion you can taste but the love. Initially, Nigel started as a garage winery with only two barrels of chardonnay within his home. Still, after all his hard work, dedication, and passion – 14 years have passed, and he has accomplished an excellent company foundation from the soil up. Evoi Wines, located near Margaret River, has been said to have some of the best grapes in the world. Nigel explains, “My job as a winemaker is to nurture these grapes through the winemaking process, respecting the soil, the climate, and the fruit.” Due to Sep21471 EvoiWines Let There Be Wine. Most Passionate Winery 2021 - Australia the phenomenal product and quality of the ingredients, Evoi Wines is expertly cultivated by Nigel and has been regarded as a five-star Halliday rated winery for the past ten years. Additionally, the company has been awarded the WA Winery of the Year at the Melbourne International Wine Competition, which is a phenomenal acknowledgement as a small production winery. Though small, Evoi Wines sells to a broad client base, creating a global brand for itself one sip at a time. Nigel explains, “I have a beautiful local distribution through Grape and Grain, an online and cellar door presence, and some very cool export countries, which I can’t wait to visit.” Thus, a smaller, controlled client base has tremendous benefits as wordof-mouth travels faster by tastebuds. Since its establishment, Evoi Wines has quickly gained a reputation as one of Australia’s finest boutique wineries with a solid online presence worldwide. The recognition Evoi is being given is half in part for its incredible quality and the rest due to Nigel’s core values as a hands-on winemaker. Nigel is incredibly passionate about what he does, his ingredient, his process, and his wine – combined with a focus on delivering consistent high-quality. While each product will always have the same standard of quality and care, new products are about to be launched, explains Nigel, “I have a Port about to be released as well as a Brandy developing in the barrel. I also have a new label in the design stage and vines heading to an undisclosed Caribbean location. So, there are many projects still undercover, but they’re all exciting.” Nigel puts his entire heart and soul into his company. It’s shown through craftsmanship, care, and his product’s recognition as the best in the country, which is an enormous accomplishment for someone who started literally from the ground up. For Nigel, wine is life, stating, “Each day in the winery, I see it evolve – it changes every day. It not only alters our state of mind but also, if respected, strengthens our body and soul.” Which is a philosophy that his clients accept and live by. Company Name: Evoi Wines Contact Name: Nigel Ludlow Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] It is recommended that adults should incorporate a serving of fresh fruits and vegetables at least five times a day for optimal health and diet. Therefore, a hearty portion of freshly pressed grapes would seem the optimal solution for those Friday night dinners. Recognised as the Most Passionate Winery in Australia, Evoi Wines creates wonderfully bold and beautiful wines using the best quality ingredients for a delectable robust flavour within responsible quantities – of course.