Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 23 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards For the most part, the best part of the day is breakfast – the term meaning to break a fast. But, whether it’s 8 am, 3 pm or midnight, whenever you’re eating is the best part of the day. So, what’s better to kick off a main meal, appetizer, snack, or dessert than with golden, delicious bread and pastries. Recognised as having the Best Integrated Bakery & Pastry Products Range, Divine Foodz has the most delightful baked good selection in the Cairo area. Divine Foodz Rising to The Top. Best Integrated Bakery & Pastry Products Range - Cairo Sep21246 Specialising in bakery, pastry, and pasteurised eggs products, Divine Foodz aims to provide Egypt with exceptional food products and services, and in doing so, increase the quality and standards of the market. DF aims to provide its clients with essential products, and to do that, the company has created two main divisions: the food service industry and the consumer food industry. Separately, these divisions cater to different segments with different products, while upholding the same standard of quality and efficiency. To remain leaders within its field of expertise, DF strives to innovate and venture towards new grounds, launching new products yearly. Additionally, the company is hoping to enter new sectors to cater to more areas and increase its global reputation. Recently, DF has started this mission by opening up an office in Kenya to incorporate itself into the African market by 2022 – just a small step in the right direction to keep DF ahead of the trade. To be recognised as a leader within the industry, a business must consider the core values it represents. DF’s leadership qualities stem from its own internal company ethos, such as caring for and valuing its clients. For any business, clients are the essence, the backbone, and the foundation of success; therefore, DF makes sure it meets all expectations and rises above and beyond to ensure its clients are catered for - not only in a business sense but in the sense of community as well. DF supports the local area and reflects on the business because of this. They were founded from where their customers reside, with the customer in mind. With that feeling remaining close to the company’s heart, DF ensures it will look after the community by providing a sense of hope, encouragement, and fulfilment within the territory. Moreover, DF owes its success to its team members, who have inspired its growth and development over the years. Its accomplishments have been solely dependent on its staff’s collective efforts and contributions and credits its reputation in the market to its incredible workers. Overall, DF provides a sense of respect and integrity to all who work with them; whether that’s a team member, customer, partner, or the community itself. However, a few challenges remain within the industry such as how competitive it is along with it being a price sensitive sector. Whilst the addition of the Covid-19 didn’t make situations any more manageable, DF found itself adapting like many within a similar sector and decided to work on lowering product costs rather than lose a team member due to finances. By doing this, DF expanded within its sector and began targeting retail, factories, and bakeries – pushing the company forward through those difficult times. DF managed to go through the pandemic with an innovative mindset and came out stronger and more efficient because of it. To be a leader within this industry, one must be adaptable and effective, and DF proved that by choosing to profit through its team members rather than its product, which benefited the company significantly. DF’s vision is to remain ahead of the industry and begin manufacturing and trading within Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East shortly. Additionally, while expanding its brand globally, DF believes that to get to the top, it will never sacrifice taste, quality, or innovation. It ensures that the community, its team members, and its clients will have unwavering support from the company and its products - competitively across respective industries. Company Name: Divine Foodz Contact Name: Sherif Gamal Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]