Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 25 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards The company behind an exemplary aerator that has made itself the darling of the wine industry with both consumers and creators, TRIbella has been growing in notoriety. With a deeply ingrained passion for the professionals who seek to maintain wine tasting as an experience, this product allows the tasting notes of the wine to be opened up easily and quickly simply by pouring the wine through its three-spoked device to create an enthralling effect that will leave guests enamoured. TRIbella LLC Most Innovative Wine Aeration Accessory 2021 Sep21170 TRIbella is a company that has created true innovation in wine aeration. Fundamentally, this company has made a name for itself with the design, development, and subsequent popularity of its flagship product, an aeration tool created to allow wine lovers a new, more sophisticated, simpler way to aerate their wine. Pouring the wine in ‘three elegant and drip-free streams’, the TRIbella product allows the liquid to fall into the glass with an unobstructed grace that produces a captivating effect, promising to become a feature of showmanship at the dinner table as well as a practical tool. Essentially, blending science and art, TRIbella is small and compact tool that comes in a sleek and productive carrying case, enabling customers to take it anywhere with discretion and ease. Three three-stream design makes it mesmerising to watch work, and the artistry of it comes from this, as well as how the simplicity of the product itself doesn’t take away from the wine being poured. Furthermore, it doesn’t drip, meaning that customers can expect a clean and easy-to-use experience. Between each of these factors, TRIbella has made itself an ideal gift for any wine lover – and even just for a customer’s personal use – from a company that has created it with pure passion in mind. It has spent time, effort, and love to create the best aerator it possibly could, examining existing products already on the market in order to create a flagship product that would truly open up the flavours of red wine. With the founders having visited vineyards frequently, being greatly enamoured with the industry in which it operates, TRIbella’s goal was for a product that would bring the excellence of the vineyard’s creations to the fore. This, critically, has allowed it to make itself a darling of the wine industry as a whole. Respecting the wine makers, the connoisseurs, the artisans, and the end customers, this company is one dedicated to ensuring that the wine can naturally breathe as it is poured, and that the way in which it is poured pays homage to the dedication and passion that goes into the creation of every drop. It even draws attention to the artisans who make prestige wine glasses, hoping that its aerator will be able to draw attention to the craftsmanship that goes into such things with an elegant pour that allows the liquid to hit the glass in a gentle and measured manner, with wine experts agreeing that the marriage of all these factors is what makes a wine tasting experience. By ‘opening up’ a red wine by aerating it, one can get a much better idea of the tasting notes that the creator intended to purvey with every sip, enhancing the beauty and depth of the taste. Lastly, with TRIbella’s aeration solution allowing this to be accomplished effectively and quickly, it even makes the clean-up easy. The TRIbella aerator is easy to clean and easy to transport, and TRIbella’s customers often commend the excitement that results when they bring it to friend’s houses, allowing the company to grow in repute amongst its market segment with every drop poured. Company: TRIbella, LLC Contact: Skip Lei Website: