Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 28 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Founded in 2016, Get Hyped was established as an influencer marketing agency aiding CPG and D2C lifestyle brands to connect with their target market. GH uses its specialist strategy and implementation to build resultsdriven campaigns exclusively designed to quicken the growth of lifestyle brands globally. Its campaigns focus primarily on maximizing ROI, which is done by generating relationships with influencers until becoming the perfect depiction of the brand. The team at GH consists of expert influencer marketers who have extensive experience in managing creators on an international scale. All brands have their challenges and objectives unique to their organization, company, or product, which is why GH produces a custom strategy for each campaign to enforce maximum impact. In doing so, the company becomes an extension of its client’s in-house team to aid its success - collaboratively. Co-founder and Operations Director Kristina Coughlin states, “Between strategy, hands-on support, and white-glove campaign execution, the Get Hyped team acts as an extension of the brand’s in-house marketing team. Ensuring they exceed their objectives, while communicating progress every step of the way. “ Brands tend to embrace influencer marketing into an overall marketing strategy in the modern Sep21151 Get Hyped An Inspiring Influence. Best Emerging CPG Influencer Marketing Agency 2021 market, expecting it to drive results. However, with GH, the company creates long-standing clients. Overall, it has a history of case studies that prove that its influencer marketing strategies deliver lifestyle brands’ results. Unlike most agencies, GH is not limited to a specific in-house influencer network or software platform, which allows the company to have flexibility when custom designing and executing aspects of a brand’s campaign. Additionally, its USP doesn’t just focus on lifestyle brands like many agencies but has the skills to adapt to many niches within the industry. Some other sectors that GH’s has been linked to are food and beverage, consumer technology, beauty and body care, health and nutrition, entertainment, apparel, pet care, and home goods, to name a few. GH has recently noticed a surge in the influencer marketing industry, with brands that formerly sold through distributors and grocery chains now concentrating on selling directly to their consumers online. In addition, companies are competing across a mass of social platforms, partnering with influencers to help spread awareness of their brands. As a result, they have gone from being something unknown to becoming national through their social media presence. Kristina explains, “The surge in demand for social media marketing services by brands has also caused an increase in demand for social media marketers. As a result, top agency talent is in high demand, and it can be difficult to find new experienced team members to help with agency growth. Get Hyped is solving this challenge by setting up an in-house training system that can turn your average marketer into an influencer marketing expert.” In a sense, GH’s brand is globally known through its work across many industries, as who better to promote its work than its clients. Overall, the vision for the company is to become and remain a universally acknowledged leader in influencer marketing for lifestyle brands across the globe. Kristina explains, “We’re excited to continue staying ahead of the trends and evolving as the market quickly evolves in the future.” Recently recognized by Clutch as the leading social media marketing agency in 2021 in Connecticut and LUX Life’s Best Emerging CPG Influencer Marketing Agency in 2021, GH focuses on its growth by helping its clients flourish. Company: Get Hyped Name: Kristina Coughlin Email: [email protected] Web Address: Whether we try to avoid it or not, people have been influenced by others since the dawn of time and with the world constantly changing, so have the means for marketing to people. Recognized as the Best Emerging CPG Influencer Marketing Agency, Get Hyped is a full-service influencer marketing agency specializing in designing and executing white-glove influencer marketing campaigns. Cofounder and Operations Director Kristina Coughlin describes the specialized work further on.