Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 32 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Mangifera Ltd is dedicated to cultivating fresh and dehydrated fruits using modern, scientific agriculture systems and eco-friendly production methods. Using highly advanced technology, Mangifera can protect the fruit’s colour, size, and nutritional properties; keep it tasting fresh, regardless of its form. Despite some misconceptions, dried fruits aren’t necessarily filled with unnatural sugar. It is generally considered bad for your health; however, dehydrated, or fresh, sugars are found naturally in all fruits. The only difference is that Mangifera has the ability and desire to keep natural fruits the same, nutritionally, without any added sugars or preservatives, just like nature intended. The company produces and packages dehydrated and fresh fruits across its island of Sri Lanka. It also exports to countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, the Middle East, and the Maldives. Overall, it aims to become a globally recognised company and are currently looking for agents, brokers, labelling and custom packaging partners to support this goal. The market is understandably advancing due to the progressing demand for healthier options, and the industry has been regarded as an immensely competitive sector. However, Mangifera aims to stay attached to its fundamental goal of focusing on its production quality. The company does so by utilising the various advanced technologies and equipment created for measuring water levels to retain soil quality and stability. Oct21736 Mangifera (Private) Limited Agri-Food Business of the Year 2021 - Sri Lanka Thus, producing a product that is consistent in size, colour, and nutritional components. This process has been appreciated and recognised for its delicious efforts, allowing Mangifera to be acknowledged as a reliable and distinguished company in the market. “We look forward to improving new products in the line of dehydrated and packaged fruits and intend to expand to global markets including to USA and Japan, soon.” Certified by SL-GAP (Sri Lanka Good Agricultural Practices), Mangifera Ltd is farm to plate, ensuring that the highest quality and the healthier products are delivered to its customers. Regarded as the Agri-Food Business of the Year, Mangifera controls the quality by applying several processes stages and assurance procedures that monitor its products to guarantee fresh and tasty goods. Managing Director Srilal Weerasinghe explains Essentially, Mangifera uses technology-assisted production to run its farms at a higher efficiency level, which lowers the cost of production while reducing the processing time of harvested fruits. Additionally, the company uses eco-friendly production methods to minimise damage to the environment while following a post-harvest practice that maintains its waste levels. By doing this, the company manages a waste level that is heavily beneath the industry average. Moreover, throughout the agricultural sector, there are equal amounts of opportunities and challenges to overcome. Srilal explains, “In general, the sector is considered an essential service to human society, as food is a basic physiological need. Specifically, the demand for fresh fruits has been increasing due to the escalating health consciousness of the upcoming generation. Importantly, during the Covid-19 pandemic situation, people turned more towards fresh fruits to improve their immunity levels.” Additionally noticed, there has been an evolving trend of ordering food online through supermarkets and other various websites, social media, and farms. Such patterns have created vast amounts of opportunities for Mangifera, being able to deliver to several outlets. However, as stated, the pandemic did affect businesses within the agricultural sector. Due to these changes in Sri Lanka, businesses conditions weren’t as conducive as transportation cost increased locally and air and sea charges, which created a massive challenge for the company. “Fear of virus had an impact on consumptions patterns of consumers, as instead of consuming fresh fruits, they switched purchasing dehydrated and packaged fruits. Therefore, to overcome these new challenges, we had to think of new alternatives and innovative solutions. Consequently, we invested in technology, health safety assurance, also increase the production of dehydrated fruits instead of fresh fruits.” Srilal states. However, despite these disturbances, Mangifera has been working towards a goal – to be the world’s most sought-after provider and manufacturer of a broad range of high-quality and reliably healthy dehydrated and fresh fruits. With its most recent award recognition under its belt, the company is certainly in the ranks of leading the industry, one dehydrated step at a time. Company: Mangifera (Private) Limited Contact Name: Srilal Weerasinghe Wesite: Email: [email protected]