Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 33 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards SAMsARA Wine Co. is a 100% solar powered winery producing limited releases of Pinot Noir, Syrah and Chardonnay from carefully selected micro-sites within Santa Rita Hill’s most distinctive vineyards. Its wines showcase the unique natural elements at play on each vineyard, harnessed through a low intervention winemaking style. SAMsARAWine Co. Best Boutique Winery - Central California Coast Sep21834 Winegrowing at SAMsARA begins with the selecting of a special section within each vineyard where the soils, altitudes, slopes and elevations will bring the best out of each vine. SAMsARA believes that all the important work should be done in the vineyard, with little handling or manipulation of the fruit once it reaches the winery. The Santa Rita Hills vineyards are significantly impacted by their nearness to the ocean (10 miles), consistent morning and evening fog, and steady afternoon winds. It is these factors that are perfectly suited to growing Pinot Noir, Grenache and Syrah, and they also serve to prolong the growing season, allowing for heightened varietal flavour intensity. Alongside this, the area’s cool climate and the vineyards’ calcareous rock and sand help to produce grapes with natural acidity and flavour balance. Optimal winegrowing begins with soil management and spring time irrigation which ensure that vines have the nutrients and water needed to grow. Once flowering takes place in mid-summer, irrigation is stopped, forcing the vines to stop growing so fruit begins ripening. Leaves are then removed by hand, exposing the grapes and their stems to sunlight, and moving air through the canopy. Following this, grape clusters are thinned by hand, further increasing the intensity of the remaining fruit. Winemaker, Matt Brady works hard in the vineyard to ensure the finest grapes reach the winery with exquisite ripeness, flavour, acidity and tannins. When they arrive at the winery, the team will filter out the small percentage of compromised fruit that may have slipped through despite careful growth and hand harvesting. Then, there is as little intervention as possible during the winemaking process, resulting in the most divine expression of the fruit, soil, site and region. SAMsARA’s family and dog friendly Goleta winery and wine tasting room and Los Olivos wine tasting room are open to visitors for both indoor and outdoor tastings, in addition to retail wine sales and order pick-ups. Orders can be placed through the SAMsARA online stores, by email, or by phone. At Goleta, guests can take part in Elevated Wine Tasting which takes place on its beautiful patio and is a sit-down experience that delves into more specifics of SAMsARA’s winemaking philosophies and practices, along with a chance to tour the winery and join a Q&A with Matt Brady or someone from the winemaking team. Speaking about her experience at SAMsARA, one visitor, Catherine Bartsch posted a fivestar review: “Just left SAMsARA in Goleta – wine education event with Matt the winemaker. Absolutely amazing! We tasted multiple wines while learning about the Santa Rita Hills winemaking region. Great forum to ask questions, sample great wine, and develop a greater understanding of the philosophy behind SAMsARA! If you have not had a chance to visit SAMsARA, you need to! We try to tell everyone we know about SAMsARA simply because their wines are great!” Company: SAMsARA Wine Co. Contact: Miles Cotton Email: [email protected] Website: