Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 36 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Midland Apiaries is the largest privately owned producer and packer of honey in New Zealand. Specialising in Manuka honey, the award-winning PURITI brand was launched in 2018 and has become globally popular and recognised for purity, quality, authenticity and for elevating the testing regimes and standards of Manuka honey to new level. Working with some fantastic, professional retailers, and distribution partners the PURITI brand has expanded into China, South Korea, USA, Europe, Singapore, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia and UAE. “We believe that as a business we need to be different and make sure that the consumer has a compelling reason to choose our products,” explains Adam Boot, Head of Sales and Marketing at Midland Apiaries. “Brand loyalty must be earned and not assumed. We put our customers and the consumer first. We try and walk in their shoes.” New product development is at the forefront of the company’s business thinking. Being a creative and dynamic team, the above philosophy is underpinned by exceptional quality, unrivalled attention to detail, absolute honesty and the assurance that the product is the genuine article every time. “Manuka Honey can be a complicated choice for the consumer,” elaborates Adam. “We aim to take away the confusion. Say it how it is, proved clear and concise product information and packaging that ensures the consumer has a fair and informed choice.” The team at PURITI are all dedicated to the company’s vision of being the world’s best honey producer and Adam explains that the firm empowers its people, giving them the freedom to think big and think differently. Sep21298 Midland Apiaries Ltd Honey Producer of the Year – New Zealand “We engage and we celebrate our successes,” he enthuses. “We are collaborative, and we nurture and support the team. PURITI is the legacy of this vision. It is different, it looks different, its say’s quality, authenticity and defines exceptional. From the moment you see and then hold a jar of PURITI Manuka Honey you will understand the difference. This is what the Midland Apiaries team created!” Within the food industry the production and supply of Manuka honey is relatively complex. The genuine product is only produced in New Zealand and the harvest is predominantly wild as opposed to cultivated. The Manuka bush grows and flourishes in some of the remotest and most inaccessible areas of the country and the annual harvest is largely dictated by weather conditions over a very short period of the year. The majority of Manuka honey harvested requires a period of maturing to meet potential potency before being put into a jar. The strength and volume of the harvest is never predetermined. The vagaries of the harvest then combine with the growing world demand for Manuka that grows consistently year on year through word of mouth and anecdotal positive evidence. Recently, Midland Apiaries was rewarded for its hard work with the prestigious accolade of Honey Producer of the Year – New Zealand for its PURITI brand, as voted for in the LUXlife Food and Drinks Awards 2021. But what does the future hold? “Covid-19 has generally increased societal awareness of health and nutrition, and this has had a significant impact on the demands for genuine, authentic, unadulterated Manuka honey,” Adam finalises. “As it becomes enthusiastically accepted and more sought after within the health food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical space, we intend to be at the cutting edge of the Manuka honey industry.” Contact: Adam Boot Company: Midland Apiaries Ltd Web Address: Founded in 2018 as part of Midlands Apiaries Limited, which has a honey production history dating back almost 100 years, PURITI Manuka honey is harvested and produced in the greenest New Zealand environments. Run by a team of passionate kiwis the brand has a promise to its customers to deliver the best every time.