Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 39 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards All Sweets & Treats has been a Victor Harbor favourite for over 25 years. Located in the heart of Victor Harbor is a traditional old fashioned sweet shop providing quality local and imported confectionary to the young and the young at heart who want to take a step back in time and remember their childhood favourites. All Sweets & Treats Confectioner of the Year 2021 – South Australia & LUXlife Customer Service Excellence Award 2021 Sep21244 Excellence in customer service is high priority for this family-owned and -operated small business which operates seven days a week in South Australia’s premier regional coastal town of Victor Harbor. Those who enter the sweet shop in person will experience the delights of its traditional sweet shop décor, while the convenience of modern technology through the powers of the World Wide Web also allows the business to export products all over the world. All Sweets & Treats is a one-stop-shop for all your candy needs. It offers a wide range of products including international sweets from the UK, New Zealand, Holland, and the US. And if you’re an expat living in Australia, you surely won’t miss the treats you used to enjoy back home. Of course All Sweets & Treats has something for fans of Aussie candies and treats, too, carrying products by local candy manufacturers and confectionary brands. What more could you ask for? When it comes to confectionary, All Sweets & Treats is a name you can surely trust. It believes the key to success is providing its customers with top-quality products to earn their trust and unwavering support. Because of this belief, the company is constantly finding ways to improve its product offerings. This is why, in 2010, it won the Small Business Champions Awards in the Confectionary category. And in 2011 and 2013, it was a finalist for the same prestigious award. This is a solid testament to its reliability and commitment to offering only the best sweets and treats possible. Whilst the business attracts large numbers of tourists, the owner managers are committed to supporting the local community. Support and sponsorship of local community bodies is an important priority for the business. Additionally, the shop front is decorated to meet the marketing theme of the community for major events such as whale watching, the annual Rock ‘N’ Roll festival and Christmas holidays. The business has won multiple awards for its themed presentation during relevant events. Furthermore, All Sweets & Treats is sourced to promote local attractions like the cockle train and whale watching season. A recent example is being one of the first main street traders to support the local traders association and council in jointly funding new Christmas decorations to enhance the central business district. It is also proud to support local and Adelaide-based charities for disadvantaged people. Alongside this, it provides sweets and treats that are ends of runs, small quantities and those with a small best before date to the Hutt Street Centre in Adelaide who provide valuable services for the homeless. All Sweets & Treats firmly believes that it isn’t simple enough to sell the best in UK sweets or the most uniquely-shaped lollies – For the company, it is also important that it knows how to serve its customers properly. After all, what’s the use in providing superb products without great customer service? Because All Sweets & Treats prides itself on exemplifying old fashioned sweet shop values, it always implements a hands-on approach to interacting with customers, and it is renowned for outstanding customer service, always there when its customers need it. This service didn’t faulter during the last 18 months either, with the pandemic revealing itself as an opportunity to implement an integrated online business to allow a dual strategy and futureproof business. The initiative revolves around a stronger website and social media presence which enables the company to have a multitude of approaches should another lockdown or similar occur. Firstly, this strengthened online platform enabled the company to provide better service to its local customers through them having the ability to order online in the event of a lockdown and receive the goods directly from its local delivery service. Secondly, the establishment of a national and international service through online ordering provides an additional income stream and broader customer base. All Sweets & Treats has found during the pandemic that people are making an effort to buy local products, including those made inhouse. As such, the company has made its own gourmet fudge which has proven extremely popular. It stocks a large range of fudge from the traditional to the unusual such as OMG which is a peanut butter base topped with Oreo cookies, marshmallows, gooey caramel, and smothered with creamy chocolate fudge. It also celebrates South Australia’s world-famous wine culture with a range of shiraz fudges including shiraz and spiced chocolate, sangria, and shiraz and raspberry. To further this opportunity, All Sweets & Treats is also in the process of introducing its own range of house-made gourmet popcorn. Imagine the sights, smells, sounds and taste of freshly made popcorn instore including flavours like caramel corn, sweet and salty, and caramel apple. Company: All Sweets & Treats Contact: Justin Thompson Email: [email protected] Website: