Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 40 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Godart Et Fils, a family-owned company specialising in the production of fine wines and champagne, began in 1948. With the idea having started with Paul and his two brothers, Paul put his 23 years of experience working at the Moët et Chandon to the test in beginning the family’s own vineyard, using the expert knowledge he gained whilst helping his previous employer in the cellar and winery both. Gradually, he and his brothers cultivated the growth and development of the cuvees, alongside a diversity of plots and terroirs, all with the goal of respecting tradition and growing only as much was sustainable and supported by the familial values of a great company creating a great product. Nowadays, the vineyard of Godart Et Fils spans over 6.3 hectares of land on the crus of Moussy, Pierry, Chavot, Vinay, and Bergères les Vertus. This consists of 35 different plots, and the vineyard benefits from its position atop arable land of soil and limestone that is rich in argilo-limestone, giving the wine a significant depth and ‘roundness’ that cannot be found anywhere else. Fundamentally, Sep21228 François Godart Champagne Producers of the Year - Grand Est Godart Et Fils is a company of earned prestige. It knows how to work the land it is based in, and its clientele each benefit from this, able to enjoy delicious champagne with decadent and complex tasting notes that over time has become a regional favourite, as well as the favourite of those further afield. Each of its clients have aided this business in its growth and development by way of word-of-mouth referrals and leaving exemplary reviews. Essentially, Godart Et Fils is proud to say that its clients often go on to recommend its wine to their friends, family, and peers, giving it as gifts and using it as the centre piece of parties in order to share the prestige and delight of a wine that has been born from decades of familial tradition, the recipe being revised and reworked time and time again until Godart Et Fils was confident that it was – and is – the best. Distinguishing itself by the exemplary nature of its cuvees, these bring the unique terroir tastes to the wines thanks to the vinification and work that has gone into them. Presently, although it is facing challenge by trying to find the best quality and price ratio for its customers in a changing world, it is as dedicated as ever to making itself known by the quality of its different vintages. In tandem with this, it is excited to be able to bring its exemplary wines to many more customers long into the future, and with its true passion for its work, it is in no rush to do this. Instead, Godart Et Fils focuses on doing this well, impressing every client every time. Its staff are each dedicated to this cause with a singularly persistent mindset, ensuring each step in the process is done by osmosis and that every step of the process is completed to the highest standard, ensuring the reliable quality of the end product. Going forward, it is looking forward to continuing its pushing into exporting its wines further afield, promoting the champagnes of small owners abroad and enhancing its vintages. Company: Godart Et Fils Contact: François Godart Website: A French company that has made a name for itself with its familial mindset, Godart Et Fils is producing champagnes that have secured its position as a front-runner in the market. As Sir Winston Churchill once commented that he needed champagne both in victory and defeat, this company seeks to ensure that the products its customers receive are of a quality that would befit this mindset, satisfying the most learned champagne aficionados with the quality of the vinification that has gone into every single batch.been lauded as a dream to work with, as its exemplary team work hard to fit themselves seamlessly around a client’s existing structure.