Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 44 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards A herd of over 100 British Friesian dairy cows are the masterminds behind Downsview’s rich, creamy milk. They graze at pasture for the spring and summer months and are housed in an open-sided building during the winter when the pasture land is too wet to carry cattle. While housed, the cows eat a diet based on grass and maize silage, all of which is grown on the farm. Downsview Farm takes the ethical side of the business seriously with all its product containers being recyclable. Its carbon footprint is kept down because its products are delivered locally, and its herd is fed from its own farm-grown feed. The farm also takes animal welfare very seriously and its attention to detail with herd management pays off as the cows reward it in return with high-quality, delicious milk. Sep21701 Downsview Dairy Produce Ltd Best Family-Run Dairy Farm 2021 – Sussex & Leading Providers of High-Quality Ice Cream 2021 – Sussex Downsview Farm is a family business that has been involved in dairy for over 50 years. In 2006, it launched its Downsview Farmhouse brand of real luxury dairy ice cream, which proved an instant hit. Ever since, demand for Downsview Farmhouse products has been high. And not only for its ice cream, but also its fresh milk and cream. The secret behind the awardwinning product range? The company believes it’s down to the rich milk produced by its own herd of happy dairy cows. The milk produced by Downsview Farm is fresh and non-homogenised. Homogenisation is the process by which the particles of butterfat are reduced in size and then evenly mixed throughout the milk. The only process used by Downsview Farm is the standard pasteurisation. Because the milk is non-homogenised, the cream in the fresh whole milk rises to the top of the container – Customer feedback tells the farm that people like this, and it’s the way milk used to be. The whole production process, from cow to container takes less than 24 hours – You couldn’t get it much fresher than that, unless you milked the cow yourself! This fully pasteurised milk and cream are used by Downsview Farm to produce its own real dairy ice cream, and it uses only the highest quality natural ingredients with no added artificial colours or preservatives. Wherever possible, the farm uses locally sourced ingredients so it knows exactly where they come from, helping it to guarantee the excellent quality of its products. A range of different ice cream flavours are available with the farm’s specialty flavours including toffee apple (as made by The Apprentices in 2008), mint choc chip, and salted caramel, and popular flavours including honeycomb (made with real pieces of comb), Madagascan vanilla (made with Madagascan vanilla pods), strawberry, and chocolate. The farm also produces sorbets which are so smooth they could be mistaken for ice cream – they don’t have the icy texture you might expect. Only natural ingredients are used (no added artificial colours or preservatives) and where possible, locally grown fruit is used to give the sorbets their vibrant flavour. To get your hands on some Downsview products, you would need to visit one of several stockists in the Southeast of England (see the Downsview Farm website for map of stockists), or you can place an order for eggs, meat or milk on the farm website. Said stockists are delighted with the products, along with their customers. One stockist, Veronica Lenihan at Park Farm Shop said, “Our customers really enjoy the wide range of exciting Downsview ice cream flavours. From a retailer’s point of view, Downsview Farm provides a prompt delivery service and are a pleasure to do business with.” Another stockist, Colin Turner at Turner’s Traditional Farm Butchers said, “We only sell quality products in our shop, that’s why we’re happy to stock the Downsview ice cream range. It’s head and shoulders above the rest – rich and creamy and the flavours are beautiful.” If you are a retailer interested in stocking Downsview products, please get in touch via email or the contact form on the website. The farm will respond promptly and can arrange a visit to your premises with a range of ice cream and sorbet samples. It delivers locally using its own fridge/freezer vans so the products arrive in perfect condition. Retailers are also welcome to collect orders from the farm (currently by pre-arrangement only). Company: Downsview Dairy Produce Ltd Email: [email protected] Website: