Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 47 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Known for producing the most potent and effective black seed oil globally, BioNatal LLC uses seeds from the nigella sativa flower specifically located in Ethiopia to create wonderous products linked to several health and beauty benefits. Established as the Black Seed Product Providers of the Year, BioNatal produces the highest TQ level black seed oil on the market, sparing no cost for its quality. BioNatal LLC Black Seed Products Providers of the Year 2021 Sep21218 The seeds from the nigella sativa flower are used to create black oil products internationally, however, BioNatal LLC uses the most expensive and potent seeds to create an unmatched product amongst its competitors. These black seeds are found within seven locations worldwide. Whilst other companies mainly work within the six other locations to obtain larger quantities cheaply (Egypt, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Syria, and Turkey), BioNatal is the only company that utilises the seeds from Ethiopia. The seeds found in Ethiopia are known for being the most expensive due to their potency. Thus, giving BioNatal the edge on the competition as it leads the market in being able to produce the only black seed oil with such high Thymoquinone (TQ) levels – confirmed by analysis as the strongest within the market. TQ is the primary active compound found in black seed oil and is known for having effects that work as an anti-inflammatory and aids in hypoglycaemia. Additionally, it has been reported that TQ is an antioxidant that acts as an immune stimulator with anticancer properties. However, its content will vary based on source and extraction methods, of which, BioNatal does the best in the industry. BioNatal imports the strongest black seeds from Ethiopia to produce black seed oil and other related products within the USA. Due to its impeccable success, it has been able to open a factory in Ukraine and a new website that offers free shipping worldwide. In terms of quality, the company obtains the best seeds obtained from trusted farmers in Ethiopia to make its product notoriously great. Furthermore, unlike its competitors, BioNatal only uses seeds from this location, regardless of cost, to ensure that its product remains the best and of a certain quality – perfection. Additionally, the company provides nonfiltered oil to keep the oil structure whole. After extraction, the company is left with 80% oil and 20% powdered seeds, in which the oil sits for between 30 and 35 days, known as its sedimentation process, and separates the oil from the seeds. BioNatal then incorporates 5% of seed sediment into every 16oz bottle to ensure that its customers get optimum quality potency, additional minerals, and components to reap the benefits of unfiltered black seed oil. BioNatal’s product is superior to its competitors due to the sheer brilliance in extraction, unfiltered oil, and exceptional quality seeds. In addition to quality products, BioNatal cares immensely for how the product is packaged and maintained once produced. To preserve the quality of the oil, the product is only available online and is bottled each week. As a result, the oil can stay naturally within the seeds, thus keeping the product at a high standard. Additionally, its bottles are covered in specialised black matte paint to protect the oil from sunlight and heat. The divine quality and passion behind the product, manufacturing and design are precisely what makes BioNatal leaders in its field. The company cares entirely for what it does and spares no expense or time to ensure that its product remains of the highest quality and standard. Company Name: BioNatal LLC Contact Name: Rashid Demchenko Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]