Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 52 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Founded in 2016 by Leonie Lynch, Juspy’s goal is to support to busy lives of healthconscious consumers by offering flexible gains with a product that fits their lifestyle. The overall mission of Juspy is to change the perception of what healthy means- whether it’s regarded as a dull and depriving choice or something that must be strictly followed. “We wanted to save customers time, money and energy in thinking about what to put together and how to put it together to boost their wellbeing easily every day. So we have created this amazing flexible food – our product is so versatile that it can be used as a shake, added to coffee, in a breakfast smoothie or as overnight oats for a pre or post-workout protein boost. You could even add it to recipes like protein pancakes, chia pudding, brownies, protein balls and more,” states Leonie. However, due to Covid-19, people were essentially forced to shop online, which allowed Juspy to build a D2C business rather than retail. Thus, allowing Juspy to connect to its customers in creative ways. “Without the ability to do instore tastings, we have innovated ways to get people to try our product, offering free samples through social media,” states Leonie. Thus, slowly but surely building its email database, all whilst connecting with its customers one on one. We’ve have also created ‘Juspy In the Mix,’ the name of our recipe page on and also the hashtag given to our Spotify playlist released Sep21390 Juspy Best Lifestyle Food Products Company- Europe every Friday. This gives us another way to engage our followers. Juspy is a product made for chocolate lovers who wish to create a healthy habit that’ll stick – essentially by keeping the flavour of all the things you like, without so much of the unhealthy additives that come with it. Juspy understands that choosing to be healthy can sometimes feel like a chore with many ingredients and nutrition trends to keep up Juspy, recognised as the Best Lifestyle Food Products Company in Europe, is an Irish functional food company that develops nourishing health food that “tastes like health shouldn’t.” With the aim to expand into international markets such as the USA, Australia and Asia, Juspy is about to launch into its second product – Juspy Childish along with two more in developmental stages. with. Therefore, the company has offered an all-in-one boost to save its customers time, money and energy - making their choices easier just by choosing Juspy, a delicious, multifunctional, nutritious product. Juspy was initially designed for busy mothers who were running on empty, drinking too much coffee, craving sugar, and exhausted all the time. After that, however, Juspy expanded its market as it wasn’t just mothers who felt this way, but society as a whole. Overworked people can end up too tired or busy to think about what nutrients their body needs and end up choosing the easiest, most likely, unhealthy option. Over the last ten years, the health and wellbeing within the nutrition and food sectors have become more of a trend instead of a genuine lifestyle progression. During those years, various diets and fads have risen but can be disruptive due to food companies exploiting different movements like low carb, keto, paleo, high protein, fat and sugar-free, and more. Due to a large amount of information constantly conflicting against itself, the general public often feels overwhelmed. As a result, people feel guilty about their choices to the point where health seems like an added job on top of what many people are coping with daily – mental health, bodily health, exercise, balancing work and home life, and much more. These trends play such a dangerous and manipulative role in the food and drink industry that a customer can make or break a person’s business based on the company’s trends. However, Juspy is not in the business of following trends but instead follows the function of food and the ingredients it personally finds interesting. “Juspy was created to give busy, healthconscious customers an easy, delicious, indulgent and versatile solution to do it all (or at least a lot of it) all in one go. A sustained energy boost that tastes like a treat. Pure justified indulgence,” explains Leonie. The aim is to achieve continuous excellence by innovating by creating unique and functional food recipes that delight a customers’ head, heart, and soul. Leonie embraces a world where health should not be seen as a chore but as a craving – where it can be enjoyable, easy and delicious. Juspy aims for its customers to adopt the world along with Leonie and her team and crave the future’s healthy food world. However, the true goal for Juspy is for its customers to have their cake and eat it too. Company: Juspy Name: Leonie Lynch Email: [email protected] Web Address: