Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 53 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Alicia Swanstrom established Greenheart Juice Shop in 2013 after the loss of her partner, who tragically lost his life while deployed in Afghanistan, whose passion for life was the catalyst in the creation of Greenheart. Recognized for its excellence in sustainable beverage products and as the best locally sourced healthy juice brand, Greenheart aims to help people live healthier lives. Greenheart Wellness LLC Award for Excellence in Sustainable Beverage Production 2021 & Best Locally Sourced Healthy Juice Brand - Mid-Atlantic USA Sep21371 Launched as a homage to her partner’s full-oflife legacy, Greenheart was created by Alicia Swanstrom and began her journey at the Leesburg, Virginia Farmer’s Market in 2013. At that point, Greenheart was a small stall with one product – granola. However, after a mere year of operating within farmers markets, Alicia developed her own innovative and delicious recipe for clean, coldpressed juices and dairy-free cashew milks. She did so by working with local vendors in the local Virginia area to maintain high-quality products using high-quality ingredients. Greenheart currently has three stand-alone ‘Juice Bar and Cafe’ locations, but has brand and product recognition in over a dozen local Farmer’s Markets and through home delivery in the Washington DC area. Thus, ensuring that it can keep up to date with the modern customer and holding down roots from where it all started. While Greenheart has a hearty following within the Washington DC area, the company plans to expand its delivery service and Juice Bar & Cafe locations whilst bringing additional hubs along the East Coast within the next five years. Greenheart provides nutritious and delicious juices, milks and heart-healthy food items, and educates its customers on the benefits its products can bring to the body. In addition, Greenheart is also eco-friendly regarding its materials and process to create its products. Moreover, Greenheart is considerably unique amongst its competitors, which significantly affects its products and how it is recognized within the food and drink industry – truly unmatched with its taste, composition, and heart within its products. Greenheart uses a hydraulic cold-press to make all its juices, providing a higher nutrient content per ounce than generic centrifugal juices customarily found in homes or juice bars. This process not only creates an immensely healthy product due to the number of nutrients, but provides a superior taste and freshness, which will make even the fussiest juicers happy. The company does not use refined sugars, additives, preservatives, or GMOs. Their products are gluten-free, dairy-free, plantbased, and locally sourced to maintain high standards regarding its ethos and product while having its customers’ health at heart. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Greenheart primarily focused on its store and Farmer’s Markets locations by interacting with the community to drive sales. However, to protect the jobs of employees and its customer base, the company decided to adapt and alter its method by getting involved with online ordering and a new delivery model. For Greenheart, this was crucial to the business’s success, and with this pivot, the company was able to maintain and increase sales. A shock effect of the pandemic and lockdowns, customers began caring a lot more for their health, and the demand for healthier, nutrient-dense juice and food products was skyrocketing, and Greenheart was there to supply it. Due to this demand, Greenheart added additional items to its menu by creating immunity boosting juices that aid in reducing inflammation and providing maximum hydration and protection of the respiratory system. All freshly made with no added artificial or superficial ingredients, Greenheart is providing an array of health benefits to its customers, one juice at a time – or at least, educating them to make the healthier yet still a delicious choice. Company: Greenheart Wellness LLC Name: Jamie Harbeck Email: [email protected] Web Address: