Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 54 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Established in 2010 in the small West Coast town of Darling, Darling Brew is the first carbon-neutral brewery that strongholds operational excellence within the industry. Two of its most reputable beers are Darling Brew Slow Beer, inspired by the geometric tortoise and other seasonal brews such as Warlord Imperial IPA, which was a tip of the hat to the endangered rhino. These beers are inspired by endangered species and created to spread awareness for their animal kingdom likeness. Moreover, Darling Brew offers its beer enthusiast customers an overwhelming selection of non-alcoholic beverages. These beverages are available throughout South Africa via their website and Darling Brew Taster Rooms located in Darling and Woodstock Cape Town. These Taste Rooms are ideal for having a leisure tasting along with a great meal in a family-friendly atmosphere. Darling Brew is one of the five biggest craft brewers in the country. While it may not be the biggest by volume, it is certainly big in recognition amongst the craft brands within the market. Seven of its beers have received various awards in the African Beer Cup and has also been named Cape’s Best Local Craft Beer in the KFM Best of Cape Awards. Additionally, Darling Brew has been acknowledged as the Best Craft Brewers in Western Cape by LUXLife Foot and Drink Awards 2021 and praised its newly overhauled e-commerce website. All of these awards and surely more to come for Darling Brew as the world beyond South Africa is beginning to recognise its immense craft, talent and taste within the market. However, during the various Covid-19 lockdowns, alcohol sales have been affected and the industry as a whole; for Darling Brew, these key changes altered how business was henceforth being done. After the first lockdown, the company did a risk analysis and began developing not one but three non-alcoholic Sep21225 Darling Brew Craft Brewery of the Year 2021 - Western Cape beverages, which in turn inspired its Lockdown Lager – an unfiltered trial run for Just Beer that has now been brought to market. Moreover, due to the pandemic, Darling Brew shifted its focus to its social media channels to continuously develop them by finetuning its messaging along with a push in online sales. Thus, a user-friendly e-commerce platform presence that would aid in the rise of the Darling brand globally. Throughout the various issues faced from the relapse of the Covid-19 pandemic, the team at Darling Brew has been working extremely hard to ensure that it is continuously developing business to keep up with the trends, the market, and what its clients want. Overall, the company has been tirelessly working to maintain its brand reputation and create cutting-edge beverages. Darling Brew’s determined spirit has driven the company’s success before, during, and after the pandemic challenges. It’s consistent and inspiring innovation has allowed the company to thrive despite difficult paths. Everything going forward is progressing steadily, illuminating Darling Brew with its brand leading craft beers within the marketplace. Furthermore, Darling Brew is renowned for its ability to innovate and is looking forward to expanding its Just Beer range with two additional offerings ready to be launched at the peak of the festive season. Additionally, the company is planning on expanding its range of premium beers as well as its non-alcoholic range of beverages to cover all market basis’s – broadening its brand, selection and range over beverage all whilst maintaining its reputation for one of the biggest and best craft beer brands in South Africa. Company: Darling Brew Name: Harry Dare Email: [email protected] Web Address: Recently regarded as the Best Local Craft Beer and Craft Brewery of the Year in Western Cape, Darling Brew is a distinguished and one of the most highly acclaimed craft beer brands in South Africa.