Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 55 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Recognised as the Best Organic Vegan-Friendly Bakery award in London, My Gammie’s Ltd is a family-run business that provides free-from baked goods to those who suffer from intolerances, lifestyle requirements or any of the leading 14 allergens specified by the UK Food Standards Agency. Creating free-from baked goods since 2015, My Gammie’s aims to encourage its customers towards healthier options while keeping the integrity of the products exactly the same – delicious. My Gammie’s Ltd Best Organic VeganFriendly Bakery - London Sep21174 Founded in 2015 by a mother and daughter team, Marie-Anne and Rebekha launched My Gammie’s Ltd. This free-from family business bakery provides baked goods to those with food sensitive allergies. What makes the company extremely unique is that all its products are freefrom the 14 main allergens that the UK Food Standards Agency specifies, with the addition of ‘no-added sugar’ as an option. My Gammie’s doesn’t handle any allergens within the shop or at home compared to its competitors. The workers even go so far as to remove them from their own homes, so there is zero percent of cross-contamination from clothes, hands or food handled by staff members. Thus, eliminating the need to print a sign stating, ‘may have been handled,’ or ‘may contain traces of.’ The bakery makes its customers and staff members fully aware to avoid such allergens as it’s the entire business ethos that fuels the bakery in its essence. In addition to its care and concern for allergens used in its products, My Gammie’s does not use artificial additives or preservatives and only uses what is necessary to create a delicious taste and texture without sacrificing the quality. Essentially, it’s almost as if eating one of their baked goods is healthier than most breakfast cereals. Cake for breakfast? Yes, please. The bakery takes such considerate care for food-sensitive allergies due to Rebekha’s daughter who inspired the business after developing a fatal peanut allergy amongst other food intolerances found at an early age. Marie-Anne understands the struggles and challenges one may face with such intolerances. With patience, understanding, and a lot of love, she has created an environment where everything is taken seriously and professionally – understanding the needs of her customers and making food that represents that. Due to the elimination of the 14 main food allergens, My Gammie’s has been hugely supported in the vegan community as it naturally is free-from dairy, eggs and more. The bakery is appreciated and recognised through vegans, those with food sensitive allergies, and people without any intolerances or lifestyle requirements, simply because the products are free-from any unnecessary products such as additives and preservatives, giving people a healthier choice for whatever they crave. Catering within a niche market such as the food allergy sector, My Grammie’s has an incredibly strong business ethos that drives the business into a success, all whilst caring for its customers. Initially, the bakery opened when several free-from choices were limited, and regulations around labelling were near non-existent. However, things have improved significantly within this sector over the years, and competition has increased with brands like M&S, Asda, Tesco, Co-Op, Sainsbury’s, and more have joined in with their free-from ranges. It’s fantastic to see the progression within this sector adapt so well within the last five years. However, My Gammie’s is undisputedly recognised for its healthier free-from choices that remove all the additives that are most likely found in big shop branded food items. Currently, the bakery is about to vacate its three-year leased commercial premises in a newer location with the hopes of having a retail space for customers to walk in and purchase the products. Additionally, My Gammie’s is doing extensive research and development to prolong the shelf-life of its products without compromising its ingredients. Therefore, independent and local retailer traders will enable the bakery to increase its reach towards its customers. These initiatives are being strongly driven by Shafiq who joined My Gammie’s as a Business Partner in 2016. Overall, Marie-Anne, founder of My Gammie’s, is passionate about creating nutritional awareness for the bakery’s products. Thus, she has recently graduated from a year-long course in Nutrition and Lifestyle to improve not only taste and texture within the baked goods but also ensure the bakery provides the best nutrients for her products and customers - freefrom and made with love. Company: My Gammie’s Ltd Name: Marie-Anne Rasé Email: [email protected] Web Address: