Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 56 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards As Pizza na Praia was being established, everything was thought out in great detail, both in terms of the business model and in terms of its branding and appearance, which broke the mould of how a restaurant typically looks in the area. The focus was on a fresh, clean image and an irresistible product of thin, crispy pizzas. A 21-minute walk away from the beach, Pizza na Praia is the place to go before or after time spent beside the sea. It brings contrast to Aldeia do Meco’s food scene which consists of only of traditional restaurants. Its fresh, clean and summery aesthetic with opal green walls and use of white wood creates a very pleasant ambience, the inside being cosy while the outside seating area is spacious and beautiful. Guests are welcomed by smiling, friendly staff who deliver high-quality Italian food to their tables. Pizza na Praia’s dishes bring the taste of Italy to Portugal, using high-quality ingredients. It is the minimum 24-hour fermentation of the dough that enables its pizzas to reach the exceptional level of deliciousness they do. Alongside this, its tasty pastas and salads are designed for those looking for a healthier option, which is undoubtedly a growing trend around the world at the moment. Pizza na Praia owner, Artur Vieira said, “The main weapon is to work with high-quality products and maintain a price-quality ratio above our direct competitors. The service and friendliness of our staff is also a matter of honour for us.” The politeness and kindness of its staff towards customers is a determining factor that makes them part of the Pizza na Praia crew. Speaking further about his team, Artur said, “Here, everyone has to feel towards the Sep21300 Pizza na Praia Pizzeria of the Year 2021 – Lisbon company as if it were theirs, because it’s the only way we can all work towards the same goal. Sometimes, I feel lucky to have such a dedicated team, but here we all know if the company grows, we all grow professionally and financially.” The devotion the team has towards Pizza na Praia didn’t faulter during the pandemic, either. In Artur’s words, “COVID-19 was not a hitch” for the restaurant. Good management and an open vision for new challenges was crucial for seeking new ways of developing the business during what was a difficult time. It instead turned its focus towards takeaway and delivery services and as a result, managed to maintain a turnover above what was expected by customers. Especially following this, the company is delighted to be the recipient of LUXlife’s Pizzeria of the Year award, with Artur saying, “Thank you to our staff for all their efforts. Without their dedication, this dream would not have been possible.” Artur now has ambition for significant growth which extends beyond Aldeia do Meco, planning to reach as far as Oeiras, Cascais, Porto, and Lisbon with his restaurants. If all goes well, the ultimate objective is to internationalise the brand, enabling more people to enjoy the mouth-watering tastes and smells of Pizza na Praia. Company: Pizza na Praia Contact: Artur Vieira Email: [email protected] Website: Pizza na Praia was born in 2018 with the purpose of filling a gap in terms of Italian restaurants in the area of Aldeia do Meco (Sesimbra). Recognised in LUXlife’s Food and Drink Awards 2021, we speak to owner, Artur Vieira and explore what the pizzeria has to offer Portugal.