Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 6 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards When it was founded in 1906, Kouvolan Lakritsi was a soft drink company called Papulan Vesitehdas, originally located in Viborg, but it had to relocate to the Russian side of the border due to the war. Following the war, there was a lack of raw material in Finland and as a result, the company couldn’t access what it needed to continue producing its soft drinks. However, the government was so kind as to give permit for it to buy liquorice raw material, and the rest is history. Since 1945, Kouvolan Lakritsi has been crafting the perfect liquorice by hand. Its recipe was altered slightly in the 1960s by English liquorice consultant, Mr Knoch, but it is still Kouvolan Lakritsi’s recipe. The flavour born out of the traditional production method, the right people, a polished recipe, armfuls of love, and a supply chain, guarantees the freshness of every piece of liquorice. The company’s products are then dispatched to its liquorice loving clients in the form of chains, importers, hypermarkets, supermarkets, smaller markets, special shops, companies, schools, and sports teams. Kouvolan Lakritsi is not just a company that produces liquorice, but it is a company all about love and happiness, passionate about confectionary and striving to provide comfort and joy to people through its products. Most other confectionary companies are huge giants that don’t have the same passion. Instead of bargaining raw materials, Kouvolan Lakritsi makes products with traditional craftmanship. Without a warehouse, every Sep21440 Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy Liquorice Manufacturer of the Year 2021 Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy has been making liquorice with love and the same refined recipe and traditional method since 1945. In light of the company being recognised within LUXlife’s Food and Drink Awards 2021, we take a closer look at how it’s got to where it is today, producing the finest liquorice in Finland.