Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 62 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards For Shirley White, the founder of OTC Beverages, the journey that she has undertaken is one that has proven intensely personal. Famed for its non-alcoholic traditional Ginger beer, Sorrel and Butterfly pea flower, the story of OTC Beverages begins with Shirley’s father, when she attended his 80th Birthday party in 2017. During the birthday celebrations, Shirley’s thoughts turned to the drinks made by her grandmother and father’s generation; they combined minimal ingredients, incredible health benefits and a taste that was second to none. The challenge was never the amazing Ginger beer, but finding a way of reinventing the look so that it would appeal to a wider audience alongside the Caribbean community. Shirley has spared no expense in ensuring that her modern interpretation of these classics encompasses all the elements that made them so unique to her as a child. In a world where healthiness and human connection are paramount, OTC Beverages tackles both with incredible ease. Her ingredients are all of the highest quality, with an eye on what makes them sustainable at the heart of the decisions made. This includes the vital Organic Madagascan Vanilla Extract which is at the core of her beverages. Alongside these delicious ingredients, Shirley has ensured that OTC Beverages uses innovative and visually appealing containers which are fully recyclable. When people think of her Ginger beer, they think of incredible taste and incredible quality in equal measure. With every sip, Shirley’s drinks are helping to improve the health of their consumers. Staying true to the spirit of what lies behind OTC Beverages has been key to its success. Sep21444 OTC Beverages Limited Best Traditional Caribbean Drink Company - London Alongside securing a drink that will tantalise any tastebud, Shirley and her team have spared no expense in establishing a cultural connection between her business and the community as a whole. OTC Beverages went into full production in August 2019, and that same month seized an opportunity to participate in the Notting Hill carnival where the firm was featured in the Band Judges and VIP area as well as sponsoring a band. Staying connected to charities, to local communities and to small businesses ensures that the team is always focused on the needs of people. Those interested in OTC Beverages range enormously from artisan and corner shops around London through to those hosting community events such as taster sessions at Fenwicks, Sadlers Wells Theatre and various pageants. Recently, Shirley has seen more of a focus on celebrity to raise brand awareness of OTC Beverages, including movie product placements, celeb hampers (Ma Rainey and MOBO Award Hampers) and more. Looking ahead, Shirley hopes to attend more events, rolling her products out globally in the US, the Caribbean and Africa. With such focus on London, however, she is also exploring the possibilities of selling her products in Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, LV, Booths, Farmers Stores around the UK and other high-end stores in Mayfair. She would also love to partner with airlines that fly to and from the Caribbean Islands, offering travellers the option to partake of OTC beverages, a Taste of the Caribbean in the sky! Given the incredible quality of what she sells, it’s little wonder that she has such incredible ambition for her amazing line of products. OTC Beverages brings something traditional to a brand-new market, taking the time to connect with communities around the world. We celebrate the team’s astonishing success and look forward to what they will achieve as the world returns to normal again. Company: OTC Beverages Limited Name: Shirley White Email: [email protected] Web Address: Food and drink are more than just simple sustenance. The best embodies a place and atmosphere – they are a piece of magic in and of themselves. Bringing a sense of modernity to traditional Caribbean drinks, we take a closer look at OTC Beverages following their enviable success in the LUXlife Food and Drink Awards.