Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 66 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Sep21174 Seacorp Peru Sac, a seafood harvesting company exporting frozen scallops to the UK and EU, is a business dedicated to ensuring the preservation of the environment in which it works. Knowing how delicate a balance must be maintained in order for to retain oceanic health, it prioritises keeping its farming, collection, and export services sustainable and strictly governed in order to prevent overfishing. Seacorp Peru Sac Best for Frozen Fresh Pacific Scallops - South America 843 Providing scallops farmed in the purest waters of the ocean of Peru, Seacorp Peru Sac farms, freezes, and exports this seafood all over the world. Fundamentally, its commitment to its market segment is in providing an 100% traceable product from a sustainable source, with a motto of ‘we protect the ocean to receive the best of it’. It’s HACCP plan and process allows this throughout its operations, ensuring quality management and safety throughout the entire production cycle, conducting its farming in a manner that is as minimally impactful on the environment as possible whilst still allowing it to keep up with the rising demand for its products. All in all, the process in question takes Seacorp’s scallops from the hatchery to farming, and then to harvest, processing, and exportation to the client, striving to ensure the shortest waiting time from the moment the product is farmed until when the scallop reaches maturity. The processing ensures that the best texture and flavour of the product is preserved during the freezing process, from its IQF Roe On scallops to its IQF Roe Off scallops, as well as its half-shell scallop offerings, again available with roe on and off. Furthermore, on its website, it includes recipes so that a client can see how the company passionate about scallops suggests serving them, showing the strict commitment to the client that forges one of the pillars that make up the core of this company. Further pillars are its dedication to intensive staff training, especially for those diving and fishing, environmental protection, species preservation, and beach cleaning. Essentially, its clients – found in Europe and the USA in particular – benefit directly from a delicious product derived from a sustainable and protected source that strives to be as ethically sound as possible. This is especially pivotal as the Peruvian sea and the local communities around it are some of those that will be the most directly impacted by climate change and reckless overfishing, and so Seacorp seeks to be a company leading from the front in helping mitigate these impacts instead of contributing to the damage. Despite the tumult and turmoil of Covid-19, Seacorp has been working hard to push through the troubles and come out the other side. Sadly, Peru wasn’t prepared for the impact of such a worldwide pandemic, and so it rallied together to be able to define the company further as one that prioritises quality, teamwork, and perseverance. Internally, therefore, its internal culture is one of determination and collaboration. Seacorp would like to extend its thanks to its staff and customers for their patience and commitment during this time, and with the international markets reopening, it is looking forward to increasing its export levels in accordance to market evaluation and whilst keeping stock levels sustainable. Company: Seacorp Peru Sac Contact: Stephanie Hernandez Website: