Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 68 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Sep21174 A personal chef, events caterer, and culinary educator, Cuisine By Celine is a company headed up by renowned international voice, Chef Celine. Having provided in-depth assistance to compliment medical staff and dietician’s support regarding customers with very specific medical needs, Celine is an expert when it comes to tailoring food to fit the person. Focusing on healthy, nutrient-rich, fresh produce, her work takes into account the individual differences of every client in order to teach them how to give their bodies what they need whilst not compromising on taste. Cuisine By Celine Best Health & Wellness Culinary Services Provider - Southwest USA 751 Cuisine By Celine is a company serving Phoenix Metro and the Valley with exemplary, fresh, and healthy food options. At Cuisine by Celine, it has made a name for itself by providing exemplary catering services for big and small functions, using fresh ingredients and contemporary techniques in order to produce incredibly tasty and health-focused dishes that are guaranteed to delight even the pickiest of palettes. Fundamentally, it hopes to lead from the front in the culinary industry to foster a fonder attitude towards health foods and the ways one can prepare them into outstanding meals, encouraging clients to take the first step into lifestyle changes that can help enhance a customer’s livelihood. It even offers cooking classes for those looking to find a healthier way to satisfy their sweet tooth. Indeed, for just $45, and taking place in the Alma Road School, clients can learn from Cuisine by Celine what about sugar is good when used productively, and when it can become harmful, as well as how to make healthy sweet alternatives, tips and tricks, and a cooking demo. There is also a meal included, and Cuisine by Celine is always excited to teach more people about the joys of cooking healthily, using science and creativity to bring the fun back into preparing something tasty and good for you in the kitchen. Moreover, its work also extends to the creation of specialty, customised diets that are perfectly tailored to match a client. By taking a local, family-owned and operated approach to its work, a client can always expect empathic and sensitive customer service as Celine herself always ensures she gets to know the client before recommending dietary advice or changes such as the implementation of specific ingredients or dishes. Operating in this manner allows Cuisine by Celine to make itself a companion and partner to its clients in their everyday lives, a collaborator on the journey towards a healthier lifestyle the client is undertaking. In addition, it emboldens these services with its nutrition lectures and educational focus. Moreover, all of these services have been made possible by the intrinsic passion and dedication of the founder herself. Celine, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu with high honours, was classically trained as a chef in France by 3-star Michelin Recipient Marc Veyrant, using the knowledge she gained there and during her exemplary career to travel and broaden her culinary acumen on an international scale. Thanks to her continual dedication and diligence, she has been awarded #2 Best Personal Chef in Phoenix by, and the Best Bespoke Caterer in Arizona by International Lux Life Magazine. All in all, by operating in the manner in which she does, and plying her trade for an ever-growing roster of loyal customers, she is helping her clients become healthier by showing them how to provide their bodies with the nutrients they need whilst introducing them to new flavours that they will adore. Company: Cuisine By Celine Contact: Celine Fabre Website: