Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 72 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Sep21174 Jon McDaniel is a devoted sommelier who educates others on the pleasures of all kinds of wine. He has worked in all aspects of the wine industry and even helps others to grow their businesses at an exponential rate. He has won multiple awards and continues to learn more about this form of culinary art whilst guiding others through what he has learned along the way. Second City Soil LUXlife Sommelier of the Year 2021: Jon McDaniel 388 Sommeliers are also well known as wine stewards that are highly knowledgeable wine professionals. They usually work in fine restaurants and specialize in all aspects of wine servicing alongside food pairing to enrich and enhance the experience of each customer as they dine. As so much more than wine waiters, sommeliers are extremely focused and skilled individuals who make a huge difference to the food and drink experience. Jon McDaniel has been awarded with the prestigious and enviable accolade of LUXlife Sommelier of the Year 2021. He has plenty of experience working with all kinds of wine and has done a wide variety of things in the wine industry. As Founder and CEO of Second City Soil, Jon has worked with all kinds of wineries, distributors and global marketing agencies that aid in brand growth and strategies moving forward. After having worked with over 250 clients to widen their brand reach and increase their sales through his marketing development and growth strategies, Jon has helped plenty of clients to reach some of their most intricate business marketing goals. As stated on Second City Soil’s site, Jon has been knighted twice, once as a Cavaliere in SNODAR, a noble order in Valpolicella, Italy and second in the Ordine dei Cavalieri del Tartufo e dei Vini d’Alba. Well known as Chicago’s ‘Sommbassador’, he has earned an excellent title for himself in the industry and continues to develop his ever-evolving skills. Second City Soil was founded by Jon in 2017 and has been growing at a rapid rate. With a brilliant assortment of written posts, Second City Soil celebrates all things wine related as well as some distinguished sommeliers from around the area. Its Instagram account is full of posts that showcase Jon’s knowledge of the supreme world of wine. Jon has other notable qualities such as his innovative and giving nature. As a founding member of the United Sommeliers Foundation, he helps to raise funds for unemployed wine professionals so that they may follow their passion. He is opening up doors for other enthusiastic individuals who wish to make waves in the industry. Jon is looking to gather even more knowledge as he continues to become more well known for his work in the wine industry. He is an inspiration to a wide variety of people and things are looking to be going in his favour for the foreseeable future. Contact: Jon McDaniel Company: Second City Soil Web Address: