Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 73 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Sep21174 Fast food doesn’t have to mean unhealthy. When turning to the team at smÄak Natural Food for a rapid meal, it’s certain that you’ll be guaranteed delights that could tantalise any tastebud. We take a closer look at how the team have transformed the way that many see fast food, earning pride of place in the LUXlife Food and Drink Awards 2021. smÄak Natural Food Best Healthy Fast Food Restaurant - Centre-Val de Loire 299 Encapsulated in the approach of smÄak Natural Food is the idea of once again returning to nature. This concept lies at the heart of Scandinavian thinking, with gastronomic marvels that are truly second to none. While many see fast food as a path to culinary shortcuts and tasteless mush, the smÄak Natural Food team push the boundaries to create delectable treats that simply must be sampled to be believed. The success of smÄak Natural Food comes from the incredible minds of Camille Duclos, a former pastry blogger and graphic designer and Stéphane Fourmis, a former chef. With more than fifteen years perfecting his craft in the kitchen, Stéphane wanted to share his unparalleled skill with a whole new audience. Through the work undertaken by smÄak Natural Food, he has done this with aplomb. The highest quality of fresh and organic ingredients, creating an assortment of flavours that revolutionise traditional catering for the modern marketplace form the heart of what smÄak Natural Food does. There is no room for compromise, with the intention being to ensure that eating well is within everyone’s reach. When it comes to discovering gastronomic delights, this is a firm that makes sure it stands above the rest of the competition. At the heart of smÄak Natural Food, is the team’s incredible BRØD. Created specifically for the company, it is inspired by Swedish bread and Nordic wafers to create a delicious core to any meal that is truly unique. As smÄak Natural Food offers a range of different products, it’s worth noticing that this stands at the very core of what is on offer from the team. It is served both with dishes and as an appetizer in and of itself. The incredible versatility of this stunning delicacy can be found through its appearance in the menu as a sandwich or Krøk, and even as a dessert. KEX is one of the smÄak Natural Food’s most charming options, offering a choice of coulis including dark chocolate, praline, local honey and caramel with house plants. Needless to say, those who visit a smÄak Natural Food establishment and don’t sample the delight that is BRØD do not have a true smÄak Natural Food experience. With delicious and ambitious cooking at the heart of this fast food enterprise, it’s easy to see why smÄak Natural Food stands apart from the crowd. For them, there can be no compromise in their quality, meaning that coming here guarantees a treat for the tastebuds every time. Here, we find an approach to fast food that embraces the gourmet, that pushes the boundaries, that goes above and beyond. smÄak Natural Food sets a new standard for the fast food industry that will not be met for many years to come. Company: smÄak Natural Food Name: Camille Duclos Email: [email protected]