Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 74 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Sep21174 Lyspackaging is an inventive, sustainable, and pioneering packaging company that strives to achieve the best. By using co-products from plants or minerals, Lyspackaging is battling the pollution that we face due to the current supply and over-use of plastic packaging. Here we look at its developments as it makes unparalleled changes in the packaging industry. Lyspackaging Best Compostable Vegetable Bottles Manufacturer 2021 699 As a manufacturer of alternative packaging that is doing all it can to combat the plastic pollution that we face on a daily basis, Lyspackaging is truly changing the way products present themselves. Lyspackaging’s objective is to replace conventional plastics with bioplastics that are made form sustainable and natural resources for the benefit of our health, as well as the health of the planet. This can all limit the petrochemical pollution levels as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions so that we may live longer, happier lives. Traditional plastics are ruining our planet and risking the lives of our wildlife. This is where Lyspackaging comes into play. By creating materials from plants and minerals, Lyspackaging is giving us biodegradable and compostable options made out of materials such as help, shell, reed, bagasse, wood fibre, clay, seeds, pits, and more. This is so that we may reduce the harm done to the planet, wildlife, and environment, making for a better, cleaner future for all. All materials are certified to be in contact with our consumables as Lyspackaging carried out global and specific migration analysis to determine the safety of the packaging. This is so that we can depend on Lyspackaging for its products, that will inevitably alter our packaging use in a reliable, sustainable, and intelligent way. Not only are its products certified as safe to be in contact with our food products, but its products are also certified to the compostable standard EN13432, carried out in an independent laboratory. As Lyspackaging carried out ecotoxicity testing in an independent laboratory and obtained an NFU44-051 certificate, we can rest in the knowledge that it is truly concerned with being the best it can be. As Lyspackaging is biodegradable, and quickly biodegradable too, it is easily absorbed by the planet instead of sticking around for centuries to come. In seawater Lyspackaging biodegrades in less that 122 months and can also biodegrade in a bio digester in just one to four days. All of the above developments lead us to the conclusion that Lyspackaging is thorough, innovative, and caring towards us and the planet. With its tailor-made biomaterials it is committed to developing only the best results for the products that it works with. Contact: William Coquerel Company: Lyspackaging Web Address: