Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 77 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Sep21174 When it comes to any truly luxury drink, the key components are a sense of craft and a sense of love. This comes with products from the Beate & Reinmund Reiterer distillery in spades. While not a big name in the gin world, they have achieved incredible quality in their products. With success in the LUXlife Food and Drink Awards 2021, we thought it time to find out more about the amazing products they have made over the years. Beate & Reinmund Reiterer 2021’s Best Gin Distillery - Austria 502 Based in the breath-taking scenery of the Kitzeck im Sausal, the team behind the Beate & Reinmund Reiterer distillery have made it their mission to offer a gin that is quite unlike any other in the industry. A good gin shines through, no matter if it is drunk neat or with a mixer. The Beate & Reinmund Reiterer Gin is one which has clearly been made by those who know this well and have a passion for fine drinking. It stands apart from the crowd in every way. The delectable delights of a Beate & Reinmund Reiterer Gin have long been a mystery for the marketplace. Like all fine beverages, however, the proof of quality is not in the reviews, but in the drinking. From the first sip, it’s easy to draw out a more herbal approach to this charming concoction. For the expert taste buds, hints of mint, pepper and lemon are combined to create a taste that is simply unique to the Beate & Reinmund Reiterer team. Their product stands apart from the ground. While somewhat tart, this does not overwhelm what is on offer and the gin takes on a very mild effect. Lesser distillers would bring these tastes overwhelmingly to the foreground, but the Beate & Reinmund Reiterer team have made it their mission to ensure that their gin is one which offers a fresh note with every sip. The way in which these different flavours are brought together is the reason why so many people have turned to the team for their work. Luxury does not just extend to the gin itself, but to the bottle in which it is contained. The Beate & Reinmund Reiterer team have gone for a classic apothecary look which embraces the classic nature of this incredible product. The label and golden cord only add to the stunning effect that exudes quality in every way. A first impression is key to success, and the first impressions of Beate & Reinmund Reiterer Gin is one that is easily matched by the tantalising liquids that lie within. With a 42.5% alcohol content, the Beate & Reinmund Reiterer Gin is one which is truly special. With aromatic and green qualities, its popularity within the circle of gin lovers is well and truly secured. The team’s success in the LUXlife Food and Drink Awards is well earned. To many, Beate & Reinmund Reiterer Gin will be a secret, recently uncovered. To those who have drunk its delights, it is a surprise to be savoured. Company: Beate & Reinmund Reiterer Name: Reinmund Reiterer Email: [email protected]