Food & Drink Awards 2021

Page 8 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards In 1881, Dr. Modest Furest, entrepreneur and mleading medical personality of the time, discovered the remarkable health benefits of the Vichy Catalan spring at Caldes de Malavella in the Girona province, north of Barcelona. The waters were unique in the region, being both carbonated and full of minerals, spontaneously springing up at 60ºC. With such incredible potential nestled beneath the earth, he decided to bring this amazing resource to people everywhere. The story that started in 1881 continues to this day. When Dr. Furest began the modern, industrial and scientific exploitation of these waters, he knocked the first domino that would lead to the thriving brand that exists today. With 140 years of good health behind them, the team at Vichy Catalan are proud to be market leaders when it comes to the premium water category. Their products are set apart by their exceptional quality, genuine flavour and undisputed mineral and medicinal properties. You’ve never had anything quite like it. Over nearly a century and a half, Vichy Catalan has adapted to the needs of the day, expanding its range of products to ensure that customers are always satisfied with what they are drinking. Satisfaction comes not only from the taste, but from the promise of high quality, healthy drinks that make a real difference to overall wellbeing. The success of Vichy Catalan comes from its mixing of old favourites with new innovations. The unmistakable Vichy Catalan Premium Tonic Water, a sugar-free tonic water with an elegant flavour and a gentle hint of mandarin, Sep21550 Vichy Catalan Best Mineral Water Brand - Europe Water, water everywhere – but no two sources of water are the same. Different quality, flavours and properties make this staple of our lives one with infinite variety. Worthy winners in LUXlife’s Food and Drink Awards 2021, we take a look at the incredible products from Vichy Catalan to see how they have elevated a common commodity to one which belongs to those who celebrate the lap of luxury.