Food & Drink Awards 2022 Page 13 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 its loyal staff – 9 of whom have families that have been with the company for 254 years– its smiley, well looked after people can extend the support the company gives them out towards the customers, creating an outstanding environment of the best people with the best attitudes. As one of Finland’s best known and most loved confectionary brands, it also likes to give back to the community that have allowed it to secure such a glowing reputation. Thus, it has been supporting charitable initiatives throughout its lifetime, working together with the JaPS sports club in order to help the club keep abreast of funding concerns and keep itself afloat. With a collaboration that has been ongoing since spring of 2021, the club and the company came together by chance over a Guinness Book of Records entry vying to make the world’s largest milk bag, the result of which clocked in at a colossal 832.8 kilograms. The bag was then sent to a Citymarket in Järvenpää, where many members of the blue community participated in the ‘dismantling’ of the bag into smaller units. The JaPS team and Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy then went on to have a more direct collaboration with the team in helping them to fundraise during the Coronavirus pandemic, with Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy creating modified liquorice packaging that brought the club to the attention of the company’s international market, encouraging brand familiarity and bolstering their reach. In the end, about 2500 packages of the specially packaged liquorice were sold, collecting a net profit 10,000 Euros; moreover, suits were made easy to book and pick up from Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy’s office, as the company wished to make the fundraising process as simple and effective as possible for the young sportsters and their families. In this way, the company and team have forged a bond through mutually pushing through the adversity of the pandemic, resulting in a collaboration that will last a lifetime. It is excited to see where this leads both the sporting group and the enterprise proper in the future, with this just being one example of how the old and inspiringly committed confectionary company is dedicated to supporting its nation and its people throughout tough times. It also promises that throughout such staunch community support, it will be continuing to better itself and improve its own product line, with a multitude of exciting things on the way that it is looking forward to being able to announce. Its liquorice products currently encompass a generously stocked bag of liquorice pieces that weigh in at 500g, as well as an older style recipe of Old Viipur Liquorice, a caramel sea salt liquorice product, Salmiaki liquorice, gift boxes, and even liquorice pipes such as the gentleman’s pipe and the big smoke pipe. Indeed, its products also cover packs for gifting and even just as a personal treat, with a starter pack and a gastro pack. Its gastro offerings are also innovating by bringing clients a new way to incorporate liquorice into everyday cooking, with a powder, vanilla sauce, liquorice sauce, and liquorice sauce Kinuski. It is, therefore, not just a candy company, it’s a company responsible for delivering small moments of joy to hundreds of people all over the world. Taking this as its sacred trust, it is now also working hard on making healthier and more sustainable products, compensating 100% of its carbon footprint, looking for more ways to recycle, and creating products made with molecular biological agriculture. With its aim of being the undisputed premium liquorice company in the world getting closer by the day, and a staff of the most committed people at its core, Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy is well prepared for the bright future that is surely in store. Company: Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy Contact: Timo Nisula Website: