Food & Drink Awards 2022

Page 6 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Sep22232 Considering both the bigger picture and the specifics when it comes to event design, Dolce Events and Marketing creates incredible food, wine, spirits, and beer. Indeed, its team patiently and rigorously research its clients’ needs, deeply considering their situations and specifications in order to work with them in the pursuit of creative, entertaining, and effective solutions. Moreover, when it comes to working with its clients on event planning and management, it has cut its teeth on collaborating with small and large teams both, from 2 people to thousands of people, representing a variety of different types of organization from colleges and non-profits to specialized food and wine seminars, and even grand festivals. Thusly, its event management processes have grown to adapt alongside this diversity. With such a wide range of clients in terms of size, organizational purpose, and values, it strives to make each of its events and the marketing for said events a totally unique and bespoke affair. Included in the services it offers to its clients are its web design proficiencies, marketing and PR, creative ideation, event planning, event execution, and ticketing systems, all of which have been developed with the utmost commitment and tenacity in mind in order to make sure its clients’ events are the best of the best. Prepared for the fact that clients may need only one of its solutions, a couple, or all of them, its flexible business modern has thrust Being an independently managed event, Dolce Events and Marketing is a space for creative, front-running, and innovative specialists in food, wine, spirits, and beer. Critically, its organisation and execution of these events is holistic and comprehensive, allowing it to market outside of the event proper and put its many years of experience to the test in order to continuously make the results bigger, better, and more profitable for its guests. Dolce Events and Marketing Best Food & Wine Festival 2022 - USA it into the spotlight as an industry darling. Moreover, it keeps the client at the centre of the operation the entire time in order to assure them that their vision is what takes precedence over everything else, only declaring itself satisfied when the client is totally happy. This attitude and methodology ensures that it can serve even the most particular clients with the utmost standards of excellence maintained in each of its processes right from the very first meeting. Therefore, when it comes to events, it can create every kind of get-together imaginable, from private corporate events to public facing shows and jamborees. Utilising the tenacity, flexibility, and ingenuity that goes hand in hand with such a changeable business model and fitting such a range of briefs, it has been able to push through all manner of challenges both intrinsic to its business and those faced by the wider world. Recently, this has Sotheby’s history with wine from around the world, from history to culture to geography created the perfect partnership with The Key West Food and Wine Festival. Our relationship as a sponsor of this spectacular event began in 2018, for us it’s a perfect fit, luxury real estate with the finestest wines in the world.