Food & Drink Awards 2022 Page 7 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 meant the pandemic, as it faced a significant reduction in event bookings due to social distancing rules and has since had to adapt its solutions accordingly. Dolce was undaunted by this, responding by utilizing its years of experience in working to fit changing standards and expectations, responding to the new ways events and experiences had to be organized in line with legislature and safety guidelines and ensuring clients could still feel safe at its events. Thus, it found its smaller events in high demand. With a smaller guest list meaning a more intimate, safer feeling event, as well as one that is easier to work with Covid-19 guidelines on, it has been stepping up to the plate for its clients in every way that matters. Thanks to this, and the excellence with which it carries out its event management, it has been able to retain the good will of its market segment, remaining on its current trajectory towards further growth as a result. Finding that people crave travel and special experiences that give them a personal sense of adventure and exploration, it has been sharing its findings on the current state of the market with its clients. This enables clients to ensure events are contemporary, fit for the market they wish to attract, and empathically imagined, as well as in line with their own goals. And what makes all this possible? Dolce’s staff, of course. Recruiting only the best of the best for its team, it is always proud to introduce clients to the staff who will be helping them to bring their event creation goals to life, with each of them working hard to bring people and brands together in perfect synergy. Fusing food, drink, and music, the passion that runs through this company’s veins is upheld and kept alive by the passion of its own team. Every single professional within its ranks is enthusiastic and exemplary when it comes to performing their duties, able to make event planning into an art form by creating a unique experience that achieves each client’s individual objectives without fail. Experts at everything from exclusivity to accessibility and fun, it provides the spaces within which brands can engage with their consumers on a personable level that builds memorable experiences and lasting relationships without fail. Nominally, it prides itself on its ability to develop its portfolio of events to consistently provide the best events possible. Never put off by a challenge and always raring to go above and beyond the call of duty for its clients, it is excited to see what kinds of projects it will be approached to carry out next, looking forward to weaving together food, drink, and art into creative event management that guests will remember for years to come. From the nitty gritty logistics to the finishing touches, it promises to reliably develop something fabulous. Indeed, for the curious, they are encouraged to ‘watch this space’ to see the reveal of the Viva Argentina show next year, which will embody all of Dolce’s lofty tenets and display its outstanding drive towards further growth. Company: Dolce Events and Marketing Contact: Mark Certonio Website: Photo credit: Terry Martin