Food and Drink Awards 2023

Food & Drink Awards 2023 | 39 Located in the historic district of Waynesville, North Carolina, the Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery is a creator of freshly baked dog treats and a supplier of pet care products. The business specialises in plain and decorated dog treats that are both delicious and nutritious. Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery is a proud supporter of its community of dedicated customers and local rescues. Best Pet Treats Bakery 2023 - North Carolina care. The business understands that every employee is different and strives to achieve an inclusive team culture. Staff are supportive of one another and committed to their shared goal of delivering excellent customer service. It is the bakery’s mission to help the community, and employees are authorised to provide free food and products to those in need. The bakery does not measure its support of the community by the amount it gives in donations, but by the awareness it brings to the community’s needs. Looking to the future, Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery is considering opening other locations to house its eclectic offerings of tasty treats and variety of pet supplies. With the encouragement of its loyal customers, the business is evaluating the next phase of this process. Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery will continue to share its passion for animals by creating new, delicious treats and refreshing its range of distinctive products. We cannot wait to see what exciting developments the bakery has in store for its devoted two and four legged customers in the future. For its array of delicious, fresh treats, Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery has received our award for this year’s Best Pet Treats Bakery - North Carolina. Contact: Julie Moriarty Web Address: pened in 2015, the Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery is a small, woman-owned business located in North Carolina, the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains. The store boasts a variety of plain and decorated treats alongside its offering of pet supplies, including unique collars, leashes, toys, chews, and other items for cats and dogs. Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery also sells human items such as t-shirts, mugs, and hats for animal lovers. The business is a strong supporter of animal adoption and gives substantial donations to local rescues. Customers will often find cats for adoption from a local shelter walking around the store. Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery is committed to serving its community and provides free cat and dog food to anyone who needs it. In the food and drink industry, the bakery is unique in its focus on cats and dogs. Pets have always been an important part of people’s lives. Owners are always searching for higher quality food and treats to reward their furry family members. Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery is able to meet this growing demand with its healthy range of treats. Made with wholesome ingredients, treats combine honey, rolled oats, flaxseed, and peanut butter to provide a delicious snack for dogs of any size. The decorated variety is topped with a yoghurt-based frosting. Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery is committed to delivering exceptional customer service. Every customer, two and four legged, receives a friendly greeting on arrival. There is an immediate connection between employees and customers because of their shared affection for animals. Customers often stay to talk, share stories, and exchange advice. Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery is proud of the supportive and welcoming community it has built. Staff are always available to help fit dogs with harnesses and coats and offer guidance on food, chews, and accessories. The store is dedicated to supporting other local businesses and is happy to provide a list of dog-friendly locations and restaurants in downtown Waynesville. All staff at the Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery have a genuine love for animals, and this passion is demonstrated through their customer O