Food and Drink Awards 2023

40 | LUXlife Magazine n 2017, Palette was established by Calvin Kolluri and his wife, Sujatha, who were inspired to fill a gap in the local market for ethnic restaurants. Whilst there were many good pizza places popping up across the Rayford area, they noticed a significant lack of ethnic flavours and wanted to bring a taste of India into the community. Food has always been far more than just a pleasant taste for Calvin; he found that it always provided him with a lasting impression, experience, and memory. His fascination with food began early. As a child in India, he remembers watching his mother create magic in the kitchen, whose flavour combinations continue to resonate in his own cooking today. Throughout his life, Calvin believes that he has truly experienced the tastes of the world, from different corners of India to the urban diversity of the United States. He and Sujatha have travelled across America, gaining firsthand experience with various cuisines. Over time, his Indian style of cooking has evolved to incorporate flavours from New York, Chicago, and now the South. Best Indian Culinary Experience 2023 - Texas Conveniently located in Spring, Texas, Palette Indian Kitchen is a dine-in restaurant that serves the best authentic Indian food in the Houston area, priding itself on its traditional family recipes and generous hospitality. With an extensive menu, the restaurant has a wide variety of authentic dishes for customers to choose from. Furthermore, having grown up in homes where guests were honoured with delicious food, Calvin and Sujatha are blessed with a heritage of hospitality and believe that the delights of food are nothing without the joy of company. Naturally, the pair carry on this legacy by hosting their family and friends, revelling in the joys of sharing food with their loved ones. For each family get-together and party, they gladly cook and cater to the tastes of each guest. This deep-rooted love for food and hospitality inspired Calvin and Sujatha to make their new restaurant, Palette, a place where families could gather and friendships could begin, all in the presence of flavourful cuisine that includes both family and traditional recipes. Every customer who sets foot in Palette is treated as a valued guest and served food that will live in their memories for years to come. Built on the belief that it is people who make good food enjoyable, the restaurant strives to strengthen the sense of community within its local area, one meal at a time. Moreover, Palette strongly values its culture and aims to deliver a genuine taste of India from a culinary perspective. To this end, it makes every attempt to serve dishes with authentic ingredients and excellent preparation, along with a unique and creative twist. Every meal is prepared fresh to provide customers with the utmost freshness, flavour, and delectability. For its excellence in all areas, Palette has received a multitude of positive feedback on TripAdvisor, resulting in its outstanding five-star rating. Many reviews focus on the quality of its dishes; for example, one customer explains, “All of our food was phenomenal. We ordered the butter chicken combo and the coconut curry shrimp combo plate with the saag paneer and vegetable korma for sides. The carrot halwa and the rasmalai (both desserts) were excellent.” Other customers emphasise the personal service delivered by Calvin and Sujatha, who truly make the experience special. For example, one states, “Palette is a family-run business where the owners make every effort to make you feel like part of the family. It is the type of welcome that you simply do not experience at other restaurants. I have never been to this restaurant without one (or both) of the owners coming to my table to greet me. They will gladly engage in conversation and explain the differences between dishes and offer recommendations.” As a result, it is no surprise that Palette Indian Kitchen has been awarded Best Indian Culinary Experience, Texas, in the Food and Drink Awards 2023. We are delighted to congratulate Calvin and Sujatha on this impressive accomplishment and wish them the best of luck in the years to come. Company: Palette Indian Kitchen Web Address: I