Food and Drink Awards 2023

44 | LUXlife Magazine ineschool3 operates with excellence in a sector that is dynamic and highly competitive, offering courses on behalf of approximately a dozen accredited, expert, and industry-leading providers, with each course enhancing a curriculum that currently consists of more than 25 total experiences, all focusing on different elements of the industry. Through its subsidiary Wineschool3Cayman, liquid and lively fun is brought direct to the Cayman Islands in the form of wine, spirit, and sake training. These events are led by Christian and Co-Founder Shalico, who themselves reside full-time on the islands and can be found frequenting Le Petit Bar for a glass of wine. Internally, Wineschool3 recognises and champions the pivotal role that education has in the ever-evolving landscape of the food and drink industry, as recent years have seen the sector dominated by changes in consumer preference, concerns around sustainability, and significant advancements in technology. To this end, the business has responded to concerns around eco-friendly methods in its courses, educating students on the art and science of making wine in such a way as not to harm the environment. The company also places emphasis on the importance of organic viticulture methods and environmentally conscious production methods, celebrating eco-friendly packaging and distribution. As digital technology has continued to transform the way that businesses operate, Wineschool3 has taken the initiative, offering a selection of online courses, webinars, and interactive virtual tastings, ensuring that its clients anywhere in the world are afforded immersive education and training. A fluctuating market and global economic uncertainty Best Bar Training Provider 2023 – Cayman Islands Wineschool3 provides stellar wine courses, including the internationally recognised Wines and Spirits Education Trust qualifications, offering these in locations across the Caribbean and Central America to wine lovers of all backgrounds. The team pride themselves on always providing honest, clear, and beneficial information on anything and everything to do with wine, imparting wine enthusiasts, sommeliers, and merchants with all the knowledge they could ever need. In addition to this service, Wineschool3 delivers a host of private and corporate tastings of all varieties, including food and wine matching and vintage wine tasting. We speak with Co-Founder Christian Esser, who, having worked in the wine and hospitality industry for more than 15 years, designs and delivers these courses throughout the Caribbean. also threaten the sector, so the team maintain close connections with industry professionals, carrying out extensive research to allow the company to remain relevant and agile to current market needs, best preparing its students for the opportunities and challenges ahead. Due to the flexible approach taken by the company, it is necessary for staff to remain driven to providing exceptional education experiences, bringing the world of wine to life for every client whether in an in-person or online setting. When new team members are recruited, it is important that they share a like-minded ambition, are extremely knowledgeable in their field, and exhibit true enthusiasm for teaching, learning, and empowering others. On the company’s end, this is supported through the fostering of a collaborative and innovative culture, where all team member’s opinions and values are respected, and ideas freely exchanged. In order to uphold and nurture this culture, Wineschool3 openly invests in professional development opportunities for its teams, as well as orchestrating team-building activities and implementing recognition programmes to celebrate achievement. Thanks to a supporting and inspiring atmosphere underpinning the workplace, staff are enabled to channel their creativity and dedication into providing unparalleled experiences that solidify Wineschool3 as being at the forefront of the world of wine education and training. Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, the future is bright for Wineschool3, and over the course of the next few months, it will be investing in the latest technologies to enhance its online presence, resulting in a greater number of students even farther afield receiving enriching and seamless expertise in an interactive and engaging online environment. This is in addition to continuing to foster collaborations with world renowned sommeliers, winemakers, and experts, as well as developing specialised courses with a keen focus on sustainable wine business management. Quintessentially, Wineschool3 lives up to its tagline of “Liquid Lively Fun”, providing wine education, online wine courses, sommelier training, and wine certification to those who are passionate about the industry, and wish to fully immerse themselves in the environment which it creates. With a phenomenal track record of success and an array of happy client testimonials, Wineschool3 is more than deserving of this award, reinforcing its unbridled commitment to greatness. Contact Details Contact: Christian Esser Company: Wineschool3 Web Address: W • Oct23305