Food and Drink Awards 2023

48 | LUXlife Magazine aving discovered his passion for cooking at only eight years old, Cleve Oines took a leap of faith when he decided to start his own business, aiming to combine his culinary interest with his previous experience in design. He set out to create a range of high-quality kitchen tools that would solve the various challenges and inconveniences he had experienced in the kitchen over the years. He named his company MÄNNKITCHEN, old Norse for “My Kitchen”, inspired by his great-grandparents who left Norway in 1907. Today, MÄNNKITCHEN’s offerings encompass everything from a double lever assisted stainless steal garlic press to a heavy-duty canvas kitchen apron with ample pockets. However, its most iconic product to date is the Pepper Cannon. Using an ordinary pepper mill, Cleve noticed that it took a mighty 73 cranks to effectively season his steak. He was inspired to create an innovative product that would make this task easier, getting the job done with much less cranking. “786 days, 54 revisions, 11 prototypes, 82 tests, and 4,673 sneezes later, the MÄNNKITCHEN Pepper Cannon was born. I can now pepper my steak in 7 cranks instead of 70,” he explains. Throughout the entire product development process, Cleve remained focused on innovation and continual improvement. The result of his hard work was a world-class pepper grinder with 10 times the output of top-rated mills, producing extravagant quantities of freshly ground pepper. Whilst the average pepper mill can only grind pepper in the 12-28 mesh size range, the Pepper Cannon boasts much broader capabilities, grinding from 8 all the way past 60. This enables the mill to create pepper not only coarse enough for stocks and roast beef, but also finer than shop bought pre-ground pepper. Using the grind adjuster on the base of the Pepper Cannon, users can determine their desired grind level. The adjuster is held in place by dual spring-plungers and detents, ensuring that the selected setting remains the same until the user decides to change it. The mill also features a pushbutton enabled top which is easily removed and replaced without affecting the chosen grind setting. Furthermore, the Pepper Cannon’s high-carbon stainless steel burrs are powered by a double-bearing supported drive shaft, which ensures that users get the best grind, every time. Advantageously, the Pepper Cannon can be used for effortless one-hand seasoning by pre-grinding up to ⅓ cup of pepper into the base. This means that there is no need for users to wash their hands mid-seasoning after flipping their raw steak. There is no doubt that the Pepper Cannon is a high-end, high-quality piece of equipment. It is milled from a solid chunk of Aerospace Grade Aluminium Best Kitchen Gadget 2023 (UK): The Pepper Cannon Made for those who like to cook, MÄNNKITCHEN is an online retailer that offers a range of culinary accessories designed to solve the common problems people face in the kitchen. Here, we explore the company’s story and the success of its flagship product, the Pepper Cannon, in the Food and Drink Awards 2023. then anodised black to make the surface durable, non-reactive, and easy to clean. Moreover, the burrs are made from hardened high-carbon stainless steel, enabling them to effectively grind the pepper. Since it was launched in 2020, the Pepper Cannon has taken the market by storm, which is a testament to the existing demand for high-performance pepper mills. Since then, a number of counterfeits and copycats of the original MÄNNKITCHEN Pepper Cannon have made an appearance on the market. Cleve shares, “It’s quite flattering to see Gordon Ramsay pushing a knock-off of my creation!” As a result of its truly unrivalled quality, the Pepper Cannon has been named Best Kitchen Gadget, UK, in the Food and Drink Awards 2023. Going forward, MÄNNKITCHEN plans to soon launch the travel size Pepper Cannon, alongside some new knives. “There’s no shortage of improvements to be made to kitchen tools, so I hope to launch new products with some regularity,” Cleve tells us. “There are quite a few irons in the fire!” Contact: Cleve Oines Company: MÄNNKITCHEN Web Address: H