Food and Drink Awards 2023

56 | LUXlife Magazine ur establishment has been pioneering the industry since December 2022, reflecting a dedication to innovation and excellence. Catering to B2B enterprises like hotels, airlines, and restaurants, Sweet Connection carefully selects partners who share our values of responsibility and quality. Additionally, our online platform extends the opportunity for the general public to relish our creations at their convenience, aligning with their dietary needs without compromising on indulgence. The extensive range of gluten and guilt-free delights – ranging from doughnuts, tarts, muffins, cakes, to bread – mirror the taste and texture of their traditional counterparts. Notably, our products extend beyond gluten-free offerings to embrace diverse dietary preferences including vegan, egg-free, sugar-free, high-protein, keto, and lactose-free, all prepared sustainably with quality ingredients. Our continuous commitment lies in expanding our wholesale range to meet diverse customer needs, ensuring unparalleled taste and quality while contributing to a more responsible future. Embracing a relentless pursuit of excellence, Sweet Connection remains at the forefront of an increasingly competitive industry by consistently refining its offerings. The certifications obtained set us apart as a beacon of credibility and safety, a testament to our unwavering dedication. Our emphasis on ingredient traceability and in-house, freshly baked products showcases our commitment to minimizing waste and maintaining exceptional quality. Collaboration with partners to craft tailored, responsible products for various occasions underscores our adaptability and commitment to responsible business practices. Adapting to the evolving landscape of the food and drink industry, Sweet Connection tackles challenges by continually evolving its offerings and investing in quality control. The business embodies flexibility and a customer-centric approach to effectively meet industry demands. At the heart of our success lies our team, embodying a commitment to excellence, quality, and exceptional customer service. We seek team members who share our values and passion for creating innovative, healthy cuisine. Looking to the future, Sweet Connection anticipates expanding its product range, delving deeper into various dietary needs, forging new partnerships, and exploring distribution enhancements. Plans to expand Best Gluten-Free Treats Brand 2023 – UAE Sweet Connection: Crafting a Health-Conscious and Gluten-free Culinary Experience Sweet Connection stands as an artisan gluten-free bakery committed to the meticulous creation of delectable, healthy, and top-tier products while upholding environmentally responsible production methods. Endorsed by both the UK Coeliac Association and HACCP, Sweet Connection’s customers enjoy the assurance of safety and quality in every offering. We learn more from Sweet Connection’s Managing Director and Founder, Ahmed Alhamadani, as the company wins its title in the Food and Drink Awards 2023. into other Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar aim to bring our quality, allergen-safe products to a wider audience. At Sweet Connection, our unwavering mission remains: to provide patrons with fresh, handmade treats that serve as healthy dessert options, redefining the landscape of allergen-friendly and gluten-free options with a transparent, quality-centric approach, and inviting all to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Contact Details Contact: Ahmed Alhamadani, Managing Director and Founder Company: Sweet Connection – The Gluten Free Kitchen Web Address: O