Food and Drink Awards 2023

Most Innovative Coffee Roasting Solutions Provider 2023 - UK For years, the social art of roasting coffee has been lost in favour of quick access to chain brands and big labels. Though this may be convenient and cost-effective, today’s specialty coffee is about uniting people through the process of concocting something personalised and truly special. This was how things were for centuries before industrial consolidation intervened. The Arabian Peninsula and Northeastern Africa – the birthplace of coffee – created this unified social approach in the original coffee houses where people roasted their own beans. Having recognised this, Mr. Bean Coffee aims to relive the days when sharing a cup of coffee wasn’t just a casual experience, but one that truly brought people together through the art and conversation of roasting. Initially targeting the home coffee roasting market, Mr. Bean Coffee is a new venture that is set on reviving the original, social nature of coffee. With its focus primarily revolving around an international and historical base of craft roasters who cherish fresh coffee and the roasting experience, Mr. Bean Coffee has modernised the total “ceremony” of coffee that presents a real value proposition to the café or licensee by adopting this tabletop concept as a more cost-effective solution to purchasing roasted beans. This proposition centres around the art of roasting at home, in the office or even on the high street, giving customers even more out of their coffee experience than they may have ever thought possible. Capturing the personal essence of roasting and brewing coffee is paramount to Mr. Bean Coffee. As such, it has re-envisioned a world wherein individuals can enter a coffee house , purchase green coffee beans, and roast them themselves whilst indulging in the atmosphere of the café or restaurant in which they’re situated. This experience invites a connection between people that has seemingly been lost to time – one that can so easily be nurtured once again through the process of brewing coffee. Believing that the sky is the limit when trying to achieve such a goal, Mr. Bean Coffee has never once backed down from striving to realise its vision of modern tabletop roasters for all consumers. As a result, it has developed and designed a range of micro and nano-roasters that tackle the technical issues of roasting for the whole community, not just commercial craft roasters. Acting as a solution to these problems, Mr. Bean Coffee’s concept of public, tabletop roasters are a culmination of modern technology and enduring cultural passions for new personalised experiences. Deciding to only look at the technical issues of roasting – ones that mainly centre around coffee chemistry, without being influenced current products already on the market – it has devised a B2B solution that introduces nano-roasting as a tabletop product that is easy to use and pleasurable to watch as it creates the freshest coffee on earth in under 15 minutes. With the industry lacking such a standout solution, Mr. Bean Coffee’s concepts hold the power to pioneer a real shift within the industry; a novel concept that drives traffic and an enjoyable activity that allows the customer to perform the roasting activities. Though the concept is not be wholly new, the innovation that it has applied demonstrates an undeniable eye for detail, engagement and new revenue streams. Defining its innovations as the real meaning behind the industry’s self-proclaimed ‘Fourth Wave’ of specialty coffee, Mr. Bean Coffee has taken all the right steps to raise awareness of what its concept products could do for the HoReCa industry as a whole. Though not concept inventors, it views itself as inventors of the modern devices and processes that will reintroduce a method of coffee preparation that’s been historically proven to reinvite togetherness through the brief but engaging roasting process. Looking to be the fresh face of a new approach towards the industry, Mr. Bean Coffee is committed to reuniting us with the true purpose of coffee – to delight and entice, whilst encouraging a sense of community throughout the brewing process. Mr. Bean Coffee is an inspirational British solutions provider that is incredibly proud of the impact that it’s currently having. As such, it’s only natural that we feel the need to present it with this award. With such a cohesive vision for the future of coffee – one that brings it back to its roots – Mr. Bean Coffee may just be the very voice that the market has been waiting for. Contact: Tom Ruddy Company: Mr. Bean Coffee Ltd. Web Address:: Stackable branded roaster for specialty coffee shops Branded fine dining model nano-roaster Pre-19th Century coffeehouse roasters (Shish) Technologies