Food and Drink Awards 2023

58 | LUXlife Magazine Best Health Food Product Brand 2023 - Canada With a myriad of health benefits, and a rich cultural background, matcha is a popular beverage choice. Based in Vancouver, DōMatcha® sells authentic Japanese matcha to consumers and retail stores such as grocery chains, independent grocers, health food stores, and health clinics. Here, we explore the company’s exceptional product offerings and its commitment to quality, authenticity, and constant innovation. Matcha has a longstanding track record of improving one’s health. It’s rich in free radical fighting catechins and boasts the highest L-theanine content of any food source, which can help boost mental focus and provide stress relief. Established in 2007, DōMatcha® offers a selection of organic, high-quality, and stoneground matcha, ideal for either ceremonial or daily use. The company sources the matcha directly from Uji and Kagoshima, working with a supplier that has been in the tea business for more than 300 years. The product is cultivated, harvested, and processed carefully using traditional methods to stay true to the ancient roots of matcha. On top of this, to further enhance the quality of its products, the company partners with a 16th-generation Japanese tea master Kazunori Handa-san, whose family’s knowledge and expertise has been passed down from generation to generation for over 400 years. Since day one, DōMatcha® has been committed to bringing top quality and genuine matcha to its customers, which it has accomplished without taking any shortcuts. It was the first company to introduce matcha to the North American markets and has since built an incredibly successful and sustainable retail business with many loyal buyers through. In this, it has provided countless people with a truly superior product that delivers a myriad of health benefits, from stress relief to improved concentration and energy. Furthermore, matcha is a type of raw food which must be packaged correctly to preserve its nutritional values. DōMatcha® ensures its products are always delivered fresh to customers by utilising the free-oxygen absorbing agent, AGELESS™. This agent absorbs oxygen in a sealed container and creates a deoxidized environment, where the concentration of oxygen is 0.1% or lower. This way, it is possible to preserve foods by eliminating the ill effects of oxygen, keeping them fresh and of maximum nutritional value. DōMatcha® is committed to continuous innovation. Several years after the company brought the first organic matcha from Kagoshima, Japan, to North America, it identified yet another opportunity for improvement. In collaboration with a premium Japanese matcha supplier, Marukyu Koyamaen, DōMatcha® developed the world’s first decaffeinated matcha, Master’s Decaf, produced using a proprietary water decaffeination technique. Internally, DōMatcha® is equipped with a team of bright and creative individuals who prioritise communication, excellence, and teamwork. In hiring, it seeks proactive people with proficient skills who are willing to learn. The team operate based on a family-like culture where everyone’s professional opinion is respected, regardless of their job title. As well as this, the company values quality and would rather its team spend longer on projects instead of rushing and not completing it to the best of their ability. In the coming months, the company is excited to complete the next phase of its website rebranding, as part of which it will introduce new functionalities aimed to improve user experience. DōMatcha® is also working with a PR company to reach more key demographic hotspots and has recently been running elevator ads in thousands of luxury condos across Vancouver and Toronto. DōMatcha® will continue to offer its premium product with a rich, blended flavour profile and lasting freshness through the years. Its commitment to better health, taste, and teamwork has seen DōMatcha® named Best Health Food Product Brand, Canada, in the Food and Drink Awards 2023. Contact: Anna Harrison Email: [email protected] Company: DōMatcha® Web Address: