Food and Drink Awards 2023

Food & Drink Awards 2023 | 59 Dee Vine Estate is a family run, 4th generation producer of fine wines in the town of Beelbangera New South Wales, Australia. Its ambition is to bring exceptional, traditional, Italian-style wines to the modern Australian palate, and the consumer market. It’s home to contemporary brands such as 2 Monkeys, Nericon, D-Range, and Estate, and embraces red wine in particular, as well as white wine, sparkling wine, prosecco, and alternative kinds of wines. Winery of the Year 2023 - New South Wales sets high goals to ensure its recycling practices are effectively monitored and adhered to. It is propelled to reduce its wastage, and unites with its suppliers to make advances wherever possible in this department. Furthermore, Dee Vine Estate aims to reduce its energy consumption, and incorporate recycled packaging for its products. Long term, it has plans to reduce water and electricity usage, limit waste, and upcycle wherever possible. The company ethos is one of community spirit, embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It recognises ability across different cultures, genders, and backgrounds, and welcomes the opportunity to hear different voices in the workplace. The Dee Vine Estate recruitment policy is to hire and promote based on quality, fairness, and achievement. It considers qualifications, training, performance, skills, and experience. The overarching philosophy that binds everyone at the Dee Vine Estate is that great wine should be available for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. The company goes over and above to make sure that its wines are affordable, and readily accessible to consumers. Its very special Estate range of wine is made in tribute to its Italian heritage, and is produced using the finest grapes in the Riverina region. It’s crafted using a combination of traditional and modern techniques to produce exceptional bottles of white and red wine. Each of the 6 bottles in the Estate range are carefully made with care and passion, delivering a taste that leaves you wanting more. The range has, unsurprisingly, been very well received, both by wine lovers and casual drinkers as a beverage that is both approachable and refined. Several new wine varieties and brands are also currently under development at Dee Vine Estate, so consumers can rest assured there’s plenty more to come from the company. Dee Vine Estate has been named Winery of the Year 2023 - New South Wales in the Food and Drink Awards. It is certainly upholding a tradition that is well worth preserving so cheers to that! Contact Details Company: Dee Vine Estate Web Address: Contact Name: Jamie Cirillo talian brothers Michele and Domenico Scarfone emigrated to Australia in 1856, settling at Nericon within the Riverina area of Australia. They are celebrated as the ancestral forefathers of the Dee Vine Estate, being the hands that planted the first vines at the property. Having left a country so famed for its food and wine, this was clearly a rite of passage for the Scarfone brothers. Settling in a land with such a favourable climate, the chance to grow vines and make wine can never have been far from their minds. The Scarfone brothers’ aspirations then were not dissimilar to the wine making company’s vision today, and that is to create traditional Italian table wine for discerning drinkers in Australia to consume. Three generations later Dee Vine Estate is still a family business, now being run by Michele and Domenico’s grandsons’ Adrian Bianchini and Fernando Rombola. Adrian and Fernando have extended the vineyard considerably, but still cleave to the same principles and passions set down by their grandfathers before them. Their goal is to produce distinctive fine wines that can be enjoyed by all. “Our historic passion for viticulture ensures that our wines are crafted from the highest quality grapes, so that you can enjoy it with family and friends.” - Adrian Bianchini, Director The winery strives to achieve excellence, quality, and service, with a hands-on winemaking style that is very environmentally friendly. It is constantly working towards its sustainability targets as a business, and I