Food & Drink Awards 2018

Page 18 LUX 2018 Food & Drink Awards With over a decade’s experience in the market, Integrion Technologies Pte Ltd offers high-quality pest control and wastewater solutions for a variety of clients across the hospitality industry. Having recognised the firm in our 2018 Food & Drink Awards for the support they offer to restaurants, hotels and cafes in this area we profile it to showcase the secrets behind its success. Integrion Technologies Pte Ltd Best Pest Control & Wastewater Treatments Company - Singapore concept of “A Cleaner Future”. AquaNex ® microorganism is a proprietary blend of live microorganisms that works by digesting organic wastes and eliminates bad odour. These are not only found to be effective against bad odours, but they also digest the fats, control pathogenic bacteria and other septic waste while controlling the numbers of cockroaches and houseflies thereby offering effective and long-term pest control. There are numerous benefits of using these products, including reducing bad smell. Moreover, they have a huge potential in the industrial wastewater treatment systems and thus considered extremely useful and very effective for large-scale projects. These microorganisms enhance the quality of wastewater by maintaining standard parameters such as pH, SS, Oil and Grease, BOD, TDS, TS, COD, and Sulfides. They also help in reducing the blockages in pipes and eliminate solid waste in the septic tanks. There is an effective control of pathogenic bacteria like Salmonella, E.coli and Candida Albicans. Looking to the future, INTEGRION is planning to merge a successful bio product with technology for ease of management and control. The firm’s objective is to introduce From the beginning, INTEGRION was designed to provide technologies driven for greener generation, better operation and cost savings measures. After all, today we live in an age where people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of sustainability and conservation of natural resources. The area that is receiving much attention in this regard is the wastewater treatment. There is a need to disinfect waste water as well as make it free from endocrine disruptors and other hazardous materials with no impacts on the environment. This concept lies at the core of INTEGRION. The company has taken a step forward to reduce the number of endocrine disruptors found in the nature by offering unique and totally effective treatment solutions. INTEGRION primarily offers microbial-based products for treating industrial wastewater, sewage and septic waste treatment, odour elimination and control, and organic waste digestion. To support clients in this area, INTEGRION makes use of AquaNex ® which is an effective, natural and readily biodegradable product that treats wastewater organically by improving the water quality and inhibits the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria on the preventive maintenance into its strategy plan which makes use of the latest technology for proper and timely assessment and real- time monitoring. By incorporating Internet of Things (IOT) into its solution offerings the firm will eventually have the provision for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for predictive analysis and trending reports, ensuring that it continues to adapt around the needs of its valued clients in this increasingly competitive and technology reliant market. Company: Integrion Technologies Pte Ltd Contact: Celine Sue Address: 26 Sin Ming Lane, 07-124 Midview City, Singapore, 573971, Singapore Phone: +65 6424 0457 & +65 8782 3604 Website: &