Food & Drink Awards 2018 Page 19 LUX 2018 Food & Drink Awards at a reasonable price and performance level to its valued clients. The sub-brands of Layenberger are Layenberger Fit+Feelgood, which offers meal replacement options, Layenberger diet5 providing daily portions, and Layenberger, which are rich in protein but contain fewer carbohydrates. The products of the Layenberger Nutrition Group are available in all drugstores markets, the food trade, online retailers and many other outlets. In addition, the Layenberger products are distributed in various countries, including Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and China. Ultimately, thanks to the group’s dedication to excellence and vast industry experience, clients know that they can trust the quality and reliability of any Layenberger product at any time, and this will remain the group’s ongoing focus as it seeks to continue to offer its clients the same exceptional quality offering that they have come to rely on. Company: Layenberger Nutrition Group GmbH Contact: Michael Weinand Address: Am Hühnerbusch 23, 67688 Rodenbach, Germany Phone: 0041 79 5513357 Website: Layenberger Nutrition Group GmbH The company was founded in 1989 by Mr. Harald Layenberger together with the former Swiss parent company in Viernheim, Germany. Since January 1997 Layenberger Nutrition Group has been based in Rodenbach, in the district of Kaiserslautern. Drawing on more than 25 years of experience in the dietetic food segment, today the Layenberger Nutrition Group develops and sells innovative, high-quality products in the field of functional foods and "weight management" under the name of Layenberger. This segment is a highly sensitive area that requires absolute brand trust, credibility, and quality awareness in every respect, and as such this is central to the group’s philosophy. The group offers only high quality products Layenberger Nutrition Group GmbH provides a range of functional foods and drinks designed to support those who are focused on improving their nutrition or adding specific elements to their diet. As part of our overview of a selection of our deserving Food & Drink Awards winners we profile the firm to find out more. Layenberger Nutrition Group GmbH Food & Nutrition SME of the Year – Germany & Leading Providers of Meal Replacement Products - Germany